Live Next Door to Minnewaska, $447,000

14 lyons rd gardiner ny

Sometimes, it’s all about the inside. Other times, it’s what’s on the outside that counts, and that’s the case with this farmhouse in Gardiner. The property offers a front row seat to the Minnewaska State Park Preserve, and since this is Shawangunk Ridge Week, it’s just perfect for taking in all the views and natural beauty the preserve has to offer. Lake Minnewaska is right down the road (you can swim there, but they’re having a leech issue right now; better to hike out to Lake Awosting to swim, instead), plus miles of trails that will take you waterfalls and rock outcroppings. The lot size itself is over 5 acres in size, and thanks to a special use permit, construction for an additional house on the property is allowed. Also included: An artist’s studio and a 4,000 square foot barn. Sounds just right for an outdoors enthusiast. Included in the listing are some nice shots of Awosting Falls, which are not actually on the property, but they’re pretty darn close.

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Things We Need in Upstate NY: Shepherd Huts

shepherd hut

Thinking of buying a fixer-upper bungalow colony in the Catskills? How about plopping some of these babies on the property? There’s a company in the UK called Blackdown that designs and builds these adorable shepherd huts, and we would love to see a whole colony of them nestled away in the mountains somewhere. Each one is built on cast-iron wheels and range in size from 12×7.5ft to 18×7.5ft. Add-ons include wood stoves, beds, canvas awnings, gas boilers, and shower rooms. They come in metal and road-towable versions, too. What do you think of a little slice of the English Countryside in the Catskills? We definitely approve. More pictures and info here.

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Grab Some Friends and Rent this Place…

shipley corner hudson ny

If one more person says that summer is winding down, we’re going to cry. There’s still many sunny, warm days ahead of us before the leaves make their descent, but for those us still deciding if we’re taking something resembling a summer vacation, now is the time to pull that trigger. And yes, you can still find rentals. Plenty of rental properties in the Catskills and HV have weeks open before September 1 (not to say you can’t take a fall vacation, but we’ll get to the that in August), like Shipley Corner in Greene County. Shipley Corner is a 19th century farmhouse near the hamlet of Freehold on 1.5 acres of land, but it was the interior that snagged our attention. The woodwork is spot-on with touches of shabby-chic everywhere (can someone please come up with another term for shabby-chic?). It has 3 bedrooms and sleeps 5 guests total (1 queen bed and 3 twin beds), so find some like-minded friends and drag them along on the adventure to help cut the cost. Rates are $225/night with a 3-night minimum stay, $1800/week, or $7000/month. Shipley Corner is for most of the rest of July and lots of dates in August. Leave next Monday and stay a week. Or two. Freehold is 20 minutes west of Catskill village and about 30 minutes from the city of Hudson.

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Here’s a Mid-Century Modern in Ellenville, $249,900

5 rosenstock rd ellenville ny

We’ll still looking at places around the Shawangunk Ridge in Ulster County, which brings us to Ellenville today. If you skip over those one-story Ranch homes in the listings, sometimes you’ll miss a mid-mod gem, so we always make sure to look. Here’s one that’s been on the market seemingly forever, which was curious to us because the price isn’t bad, the house itself is pretty huge (over 3,000 square feet despite looking much smaller from the outside), and while it isn’t a pitch-perfect mid-mod, it has enough of those elements to deserve a second glance. Here’s what we like: The entryway leading into a big living room with floor to ceiling windows. The kitchen. Even some of the wood siding works for us. The tile floors. The flow of it all. What we don’t like: The taxes. They are baffling. There’s a pretty big discrepancy between the agent’s listed tax fee and what we discovered elsewhere, but it’s still in the five-figure territory, and for a 3,000 square foot Ranch on less than a half-acre priced around $250,000, that’s just too much.

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Did You Feel the Earth Move in the Hudson Highlands?


Did anyone feel that earthquake in the Hudson Highlands a few weeks ago? If you didn’t, you’re certainly not alone. It was only a 2.5 magnitude, barely strong enough to shake the knick-knacks off your shelf, but it was an earthquake nonetheless. The quake hit at 10:46am on July 5 with the epicenter 13 miles southeast of Newburgh. Hardly noteworthy in and of itself; there have been plenty of quakes in the lower Hudson Valley ranging between a slight tremble 1.1 to a little more robust shakes with magnitudes of around 5 (compare that to the earthquake that essentially leveled Anchorage, AK in 1964, which was a 9.2. San Francisco’s great earthquake in 1906 was a 7.7). However, that hasn’t stopped fears sparking anew about the Indian Point nuclear power plant and the safety of nuclear power in general in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima meltdown. And while many feel that smaller earthquakes are warnings that bigger quakes are on the way, at least one expert argued that this isn’t the case. According to USGS National Earthquake Information Center geophysicist Rafael Abreu in a recent article on CBS New York, the quake was “definitely not an indication that there is a larger earthquake coming or anything else.” What are your thoughts on nuclear power plants and earthquakes? Do you believe the fears are founded? Tell us in the comments.


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Glass, White, and Wood: A Modern Home in Accord, $675,000

2905 lucas trnpk accord ny

Not that we’re hoarders or anything, or even big packrats for that matter, but we’ve stockpiled our fair share of stuff that we probably don’t need all that much. And when we see a house like this that’s so clean and minimalist, it makes us want to explore our own minimalist nature and start stripping away the fat down to the clean, white, pristine bone. There’s certainly no fat in this 6 year old home. It’s energy efficient (passive solar thermal mass construction), wide open, and features the generous use of wood textures throughout (seriously, that wooden bathtub? We want to go to there). Lot size is close to 4 acres just east of Accord hamlet in Ulster County, and there’s plenty to see outside from the giant windows. As we’ve said before, why create an overly-fancy living space when the beauty of nature provides all the bell and whistle you need?

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Along the Shawangunk Ridge

gunk ridge

The Shawangunk Ridge, otherwise affectionately referred to as the ‘Gunks around these parts, is a spine of bedrock that runs through Ulster, Sullivan, and Orange Counties in the Hudson Valley/Catskill region. The area around the ridge is some of the prettiest country we have up here, containing all kinds of diverse vegetation, shale deposits, and stunning natural features like waterfalls and ice caves. Thanks to the existence of the Minnewaska State Park Preserve, much of the northern end of the ridge in Ulster County is protected and available for the public to explore and enjoy. With all this natural beauty surrounding the Ridge, it’s not wonder people seek it out as a place to lay down some roots, even if they’re only weekend/seasonal ones. So we thought we’d focus our search to the Ridge in Ulster County this week, looking at some good housing stock in locales close to the ‘Gunks like New Paltz, Accord, Kerhonkson, Wallkill, and Ellenville. Spoiler alert: There’s some serious real estate eye-candy this week, so prepare to get your house envy on.

awosting falls

Awosting Falls in the Minnewaska State Park Preserve

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From the Listings: Nolita Cafe in Hudson


Commercial property hunters might want to pause and take a look at this one from our real estate listings. Nolita Bakery and Cafe, one of Hudson’s most popular and recognizable coffee joints, is on the market. Chances are, if you haven’t been to Nolita, you’ve at least driven past it since it’s located on Warren Street, Hudson’s posh retail district. Nolita always seems to be doing brisk business judging by the amount of patrons sitting out on the patio during the day sipping coffee or enjoying one of the cafe’s many breakfast and lunch offerings. The sale of the business includes one month of training by the current owners. Intrigued? Check out the Upstater listing for contact information. This could be a golden opportunity for someone looking to relocate Hudson for good.

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