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Stoneleigh Hall in Tuxedo Park, $2.95 million

stoneleigh hall tuxedo park ny

Compared to other castle properties we found on the market, $2.95 mill could be construed as affordable. We’re talking 5.5, 7, and 14 million dollar estates here, so we’ll plop this French Normandy style palace in the low-priced range of the spectrum. Here’s the dope: It’s located on three acres up in the Ramapo Mountains, resplendent with spectacular views of Hudson Valley. Constructed in 1928 out of hand-cut stone, with all kinds of handmade wood detailing. Includes 8 beds/7.5 baths, a library, and a conservatory, just in case you’re looking to reenact a few Clue scenarios. Given that it’s located just a stone’s throw from NYC, the castle’s price tag might make a bit more sense. It’s truly gorgeous. But then again, how could it not be? It’s a $3 million castle.

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Rugged Babe on Car-Free Upstate Escapes

Rugged Babe is successful relocator who will opine here on the joys and less-than-joys of country living. 

As a (former) New York City resident for seven long and roach-filled years, I know the importance of escaping from the city for a little bit of nature and relaxation. I also know the importance of getting away from NYC without a car. And even with a car — you don’t always want to venture too far.

Here are some spots that make it easy to get your outdoor fix. All day-trip visits, all perfectly feasible without a car, not that expensive or treacherous.

Rockefeller State Park Preserve – Westchester

Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Take the Metro-North to Tarrytown, then spend about $25 (ridiculous!) on a cab ride to the park. Make sure to ask your driver for a business card in case you get stranded without a ride back to the Metro-North station later.

The park has a lovely visitor center with self-composting toilets. Yuck-fest, yes, but kind of cool, too. There’s also a mini art gallery for you to stroll around while you wait for your hiking buddy to finish filling their self-composting toilet. Take a trail map and you’ll be on your way. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mid-Hudson Valley Gay Tourism in the News Again


Hudson River from the Saugerties Lighthouse Trail, from the Upstater Flickr pool

Big Gay Hudson Valley has been getting a lot of press these days, most recently in Times-Herald Record. Memorial Day weekend was a big deal for the promoters of gay tourism in the river valley region, thanks to Pride Weekend, which was was held in Dutchess County on May 24-26. In fact, gay tourism is booming business around these parts, and many local hotels, restaurants, resorts, and destinations are getting on board with Big Gay Hudson Valley’s vision.

Although the Times-Herald Record article states that there aren’t any hard numbers yet on gay tourism in the HV, but those in the tourism biz have experience the growth in gay tourism firsthand. “Gay couples come up here for a weekend, they love what they see, they come back more often — and before long, they’re buying second homes here,”  Orange County tourism director Susan Hawvermale was quoted as saying in the article.

We’ve asked before for suggestions on vacation destinations in the Upstater area, but as the summer is getting into full gear (regardless of the doldrums outside, weather-wise), we’d love to hear from you on some good gay-friendly vacation options in the Hudson Valley, and in the Catskills, too, for that matter, that we may have missed in the past. Let us know in the comments! Did you attend Pride Weekend over the Memorial Day holiday? Post your pictures of the event in the Upstater Flickr pool.

Be Part of Bungalow Colony Culture in Westchester

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Last year, Pine Lake Park, a 65-family bungalow co-operative on 50 wooded acres in Westchester’s Cortlandt Manor, went looking for a few good renters who wanted to join them for anywhere from a month to the whole season, May to October. They found their likeminded souls here on Upstater: people who wanted to be in nature and have a little privacy but also be part of an affordable, welcoming community.

Pine Lake 2013 4

The New York Times called Pine Lake Park “Shangri-La,” noting the swimming and boating in the lake, playground for kids, tennis and basketball courts, and Saturday night entertainment in the social hall. Pine Lakers call it “camp for the entire family.” As a returning Brooklyn renter said, “It’s the safest environment I know for kids to run around without constant ‘helicopter’ supervision.”

Pine Lake 2013 2

Pine Lake Park is now 85 years old, having escaped the fate of so many other bungalow colonies by way of its location (five minutes from the MetroNorth stop), and its devoted families. But it’s been updated for the 21st century, too, with recent modernization of plumbing, electric and the lakefront.

Pine Lake 2013 3

Currently there are several one- and two-bedroom units for rent, starting at $2,400/month, and four units for sale starting at $50,000. The community will conduct a tour of the Park and the available units in late April.  For information and to make an appointment for the upcoming tour, email pinelakeparkinfo@gmail.com. Visit PLP blog at pinelakeparkcoop.blogspot.com or on Facebook.

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