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The Weekenders: Arts & Crafts


One of the many dreams city folk have about having a place in the country: get more space.  It could be outdoor space for kids or pets to run around, or for gardening.  It could also be for indoor space.  Space for having friends come visit, do yoga at home, store your collection of vintage radios, or to do arts or crafts projects that are often hard to find space to do when you have a 500 square foot apartment in the city.

Luckily we have several bedrooms in our house, so we’ve recently been considering converting one of them from a bedroom into an office/workroom.  I’d like to have a place I can set up my sewing machine and a place to store fabric for sewing and reupholstery projects.  Mr. Sticks wants to be able to frame photos and have a quite place to write screenplays.  I’ve also started knitting (I’m trying to be productive with all of that time I spend on the bus), so I need a place to keep all of that yarn.

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The Weekenders: Holiday Dining at the Deer Mountain Inn

Deer Mountain Inn

Our first holiday season upstate a few years ago, our neighbors invited us to join them on what had become an annual holiday tradition for their local group of friends:  A holiday dinner at the Deer Mountain Inn  in Tannersville.   We didn’t really know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised to find the inn was a turn of the century mountain top ‘country estate’ that was locally known for it’s slightly over the top xmas decorations – thus the reason for the annual holiday dinner.

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Old Plaster Walls


Plaster walls in one of the bedrooms

Plaster walls in one of the bedrooms


After a slightly longer hiatus than we planned, the Weekenders are back!  We had a great summer with a successfully pulled-off wedding that included great music, tasty food, and of course a fabulous location (our barn). Then we got totally caught up in gardening and yard work through the amazing Indian summer we had this year with tomatoes and zucchini into October. Now that winter has really set in with 4 degrees on the day after Thanksgiving, we’re gearing up for some more house projects including figuring out what to do with some old plaster walls.

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The Weekenders: Chainsaw Safety


If you like wood, and you like chainsaws, this week’s post is for you. We have a guest post from none other than Mr. Sticks.  He’s going to tell you all about a course he took this Memorial day.  Also, since our wedding is nigh upon us, we’ll be taking a break from posting until August.  Hope everyone enjoys the beginning of summer!

Of all the tools a weekender might choose to do work around the yard, none is more dangerous, or is used with less than the necessary experience, than a chainsaw.  And the first time that many weekenders hold a chainsaw in their hands, whether fresh from the store or borrowed from a friend, is likely to be the same day that they intend to use it.

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