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Pine Plains Retro Cabin, $200/night

519 lake rd pine plains ny

The season rental market in the Hudson Valley can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many choices of all varieties of styles in even the tiniest of towns, so we often find ourselves randomly clicking through HomeAway.com or VBRO, blissfully unencumbered by neither rhyme nor reason, knowing we’ll soon hit upon a thumbnail that leads to something cool. Here’s one such random click, a 1950s retro cabin on Twin Island Lake in the Dutchess County town of Pine Plains. The interior is rustic and quirky, the type of place where it’s completely fine to make a mess in the kitchen (some of the swankier places we find make us nervous, like we’d feel as if we’re staying inside of a very chi-chi furniture store, terrified of mussing up the picture-perfect kitchen). Outside, we pictured kids running around and playing in the fern-carpeted forest while we lounged in a hammock. Twin Island Lake is right across the road, and there’s a private canoe launch, canoe provided. While Twin Island Lake is more of a boating and fishing lake, Stissing Pond is less than a mile away, where you can go swimming at Stissing Lake Park. Cabin also includes an outdoor shower, but you won’t find a phone or TV. However, according to the reviews, there are some decent local radio stations, which guests can enjoy on the cottage’s high-end radio. Kicking it old school…except for that whole “WiFi available” thing.

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Bloomingburg Arts & Crafts, $185,000

362 shawanga lodge rd bloomingburg ny

We love the exterior of this 1950s arts & crafts/bungalow style cottage in Bloomingburg, about 4 miles east of Wurtsboro. The stone mixed with wood materials and those big picture windows looking out onto the deck really do it for us, not to mention that it comes with 3 acres of wooded land well-shielded from the neighbors (or so it would seem on GMAP). The interior didn’t excite us quite as much. It’s essentially a big room with a kitchen and dining room space as you walk in the front door, with a separate living room with a fire place. We could make it work. Other details include skylights and a koi pond.

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Bad (but funny) Real Estate Photos

bad real estate photo

What the…?

And now, let us all take a moment out of our busy, hectic Monday to enjoy a moment of levity. Here at Upstater, we’ve often pondered the mysteries of real estate photography. A close up of a toilet, but no pictures of the kitchen. Garbage and junk piled up in the middle of rooms, prominently displayed as the focal point of a picture. Blurry pictures. Pictures of seemingly meaningless details, like doorknobs. Pictures that are too dark to discern any details whatsoever. Or, our favorite: Zero pictures of the interior. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones scratching our heads over the quality of photos that are meant to sell a property. We recently discovered the existence of Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs, a Tumblr dedicated to perplexing, out of focus, poor quality, and confusing real estate shots. And yes, we’ve considered submitting a few we’ve come across ourselves. After the jump, enjoy a delightful taste of what this Tumblr has to offer.

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Bargain Hunting in Sullivan County

362 shawanga lodge rd bloomingburg ny

362 Shawanga Lodge Road, Bloomingburg: $185,000

Specifically, we’re bargain hunting for properties that are less than $200,000. You can get a lot for less than $200,000 in Sullivan County. The house pictured above could run nearly a half a million in Putnam County, and while comparing Sullivan to Putnam is crazy talk (we know, we know), if you’re working under a limited budget and you really want to live around these parts, comparisons like that are important to make. Not that Sullivan County doesn’t have issues. It’s suffered from rough economic times. The specter of hydrofracking hangs over the residents’ heads with division among the population about whether it’s bad for the environment or good for the economy. But if you need bang for your buck and want to live in the Catskills next to nature, Sullivan is a good place to start your search. We’ll help you out by sorting through lots of properties and showing you some of our favorites throughout the week.

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