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Rhinebeck Waterfall House, $1950/night

rhinebeck waterfall house

We’re not sure we’ve ever spent $2000 on one night of anything, but this modern house situated at the top of a waterfall in Rhinebeck is making us think it might be time. The property consists of three separate houses, each linked by an outdoor walkway, and comes with 25 acres of private land on the Landsman Kill River. The house is all windows, which brings the stunning surroundings indoors so you never have to tear yourself away from gazing at all of this natural beauty. There are 4 beds spread out over each house, and according to the listing, will sleep 12 people. Sometimes it’s important for us to go out and experience these places firsthand, so if you’ve got 2 grand burning a hole in your pocket, please feel free to send it to us so we can stay here. You know, for research purposes. Actually, make that 4 grand. There’s a 2 night minimum stay.

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Chronogram 8-Day Week: Hudson Valley Fair

hudson valley fair

Yes, that’s a monkey riding a dog, just the type of interspecies shenanigans one encounters when one visits the Hudson Valley Fair. The fair kicks off on April 18 and continues for three weekends, ending May 4. The Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill (home of the HV Renegades) is the spot, and tickets are $3.50 with a twofer coupon and $7 without. Kids 2 and under are free. Expect rides, a petting zoo, shows, and fair food. We will probably take a pass on the dog and monkey show and in favor of heading straight for the fried dough and magic show. Check out the Hudson Valley Fair website for all the pertinent info.

Don’t forget the Chronogram’s Big Thaw Dance Party on April 26th! It’s at 8 North Front Street, Kingston (GMAP) and tickets cost $10. Dance, drink, eat, schmooze, and say hello to spring.

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Destinations: Open Garden Days in the HV

kevin lee jacobs

Kevin Lee Jacobs’ April garden, Valatie, Columbia County

There are a multitude of places where growing things reach up to kiss the sun, and most of us will never see them. Why? Because these places exist as people’s private home gardens, and unless you receive an invitation, you’ll never know what beauties live there. Thanks to the Garden Conservancy’s Open Garden Days, however, we can finally explore these tucked-away oases and take in their gorgeousness with our very own eyes.

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Christmas for Music Nerds

high fidelity

April 19 is Record Store Day. Did you know? We didn’t, but we do now, thanks to music writer Peter Aaron at Chronogram. So make your music wish list and head over to one of the HV’s independent purveyors of sweet tuneage. Not sure where to go? That’s why the Internet was invented. Someone over on this site took the time to compile a list of records shops around the Upstater area, both brick and mortar as well as online sellers. Where’s your favorite record store? While you’re thinking about it, enjoy this short video about Record Store Day. And here’s the official Record Store Day website, which will tell you which local stores are participating.

record store day

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