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Five-Figure Friday: Maplecrest Cottage, $99,000

435 county rt 40 maplecrest ny

Maplecrest is a hamlet in Greene County about 4 miles south east of Windham Mountain. This cottage is located along the Batavia Creek, which puts it at high-risk for flooding, but if you’re willing to take the plunge (so to speak), it’s a nicely-renovated house with radiant heat, heating timers, and an on-demand water heating system. Size is less than 1000 square feet, but the high ceilings make it seem more spacious. The house is connected to the garage via breezeway, and it’s all on a full acre of land off of a pretty country road close to ski mountains and outdoor fun.

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The Weekenders: Arts & Crafts


One of the many dreams city folk have about having a place in the country: get more space.  It could be outdoor space for kids or pets to run around, or for gardening.  It could also be for indoor space.  Space for having friends come visit, do yoga at home, store your collection of vintage radios, or to do arts or crafts projects that are often hard to find space to do when you have a 500 square foot apartment in the city.

Luckily we have several bedrooms in our house, so we’ve recently been considering converting one of them from a bedroom into an office/workroom.  I’d like to have a place I can set up my sewing machine and a place to store fabric for sewing and reupholstery projects.  Mr. Sticks wants to be able to frame photos and have a quite place to write screenplays.  I’ve also started knitting (I’m trying to be productive with all of that time I spend on the bus), so I need a place to keep all of that yarn.

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The Weekenders: For Sale in and Around Lexington

It was exactly this time of year two years ago that we first went to look at the house we ended up buying.  We ended up buying a place, in an area that we really didn’t know about or even start looking at until we found the listing for our place online.  Now that we know the area and really like it, here are a few places for sale in and around Lexington that if we were looking right now, we’d probably take a look at:

Spruceton log cabin

This is more like what we thought we would end up getting – a smallish log cabin that needed some interior work, but that was in a beautiful rural location on a dead-end valley road.  Though there isn’t a lot of land with this place (1.4 acres),  it is right on the West Kill creek.  Unfortunately, it looks like the 4.5 acres that was for sale right next door that would have been a nice addition to this property has sold.

1976 Spruceton Road, West Kill NY $160,000 GMAP


Beech Ridge Road in Lexington has some of the best views in the area.  But, you’ll need to bring your four wheel drive in the winter because the road it is twisty and steep in some parts.   Although again, this place could use interior work, it looks like it has potential.  It has 8 acres of land and a pond.

528 Beech Ridge Rd, Lexington NY 12452  $195,000 GMAP

This place is CUTE, and it looks like it’s in a good location, on route 296 which is a relatively quite road that runs between Hunter and Windham so really nice for skiers.  Unfortunately, it’s on less than an acre and has other houses right next to it, but it backs up against the Batavia Kill Creek, so it might feel more rural than it looks.  Windham is a cool little ski town with a good Italian deli and a sweet local hardware store.

277 State Route 296(Hensonville), Windham NY 12439 $175,000 GMAP



Also on Route 296, but closer to Hunter (in Jewett) are two houses for the price of one.  It looks like they’ve done some nice deck building and landscaping.  Could be a good opportunity to keep one house for yourselves and rent out the other house for winter skiers and summer visitors.

927-929 Rt 296, Jewett NY 12444 $249,000 GMAP

We heard a rumor that this place used to belong to someone famous, but it seems to have fallen on hard times and is now a bank sale (for cheap!)  It’s definitely a project house, but looks like it still has some nice details.  It sits on a hill above Route 42 (which at this end is relatively quiet).  It’s either a half an acre or one and a half acres.

 2405 Route 42, West Kill NY 12492 $76,500 GMAP


We drive up Rt 42 every Friday night and back every Monday morning, and we’ve noticed a lot of places for sale along the road.   This place has been on the market since before we started looking two years ago.  It’s unfortunate because it looks like it could be a really cool house – very classic chalet (which is not a style I usually like) but that you could totally kitch up and turn into a swiss-style rental for skiers (it’s pretty much equidistant between Hunter and Bellayre).   But otherwise,  if you’re looking for privacy and outdoor space, the location isn’t great.   It overlooks Route 42 (at the lower southern end which has more traffic) and with only .77 acres doesn’t look like it has a yard or outdoor space besides the deck to hang out.

129 ROUTE 42, Shandaken NY 12480 $229,000 GMAP


If you have $2.4 million dollars lying around, you might want to consider this place in Lexington.  A HUGE house (7800 SF) decorated in a style I’ll call rich rustic, with 206 acres, caretakers house, stable, barn, tennis courts, ponds and a cool looking A-frame cottage with a fireplace.  If you don’t like how it’s decorated, maybe you have a 100k or so also lying around so you can redecorate with your own personal touch.

11 Haines Lane, Lexington NY 12452  $2.4 million GMAP

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Photos of Windham, Post Irene

Here are a few shots along Main Street in Windham. The ski town has been hard hit by Hurricane Irene, but recovery efforts are in full swing and the streets are packed with volunteers and workers and businesses are aiming to re-open as soon as possible. Beloved Italian deli Todaro’s, not pictured here, says next weekend is the goal—-though they also mentioned they’d happily take elbow grease from any comers.

A volunteer relief station, with food and water, is set up in front of the library.

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