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Car-Free Upstate: Tivoli Village House, $245,000

4 feroe ave tivoli ny

We always get a little excited when we’re able to include a Tivoli property during the week. It doesn’t happen very often; there’s usually not much for sale, because people are so enamored with the little Dutchess County village on the Hudson River that they just can’t bring themselves to leave…or so we’re speculating. This cute, bright house is right in the center of it all, walking distance to shops, bars, a laundromat, and a vegetarian restaurant. It’s also practically next door to the Tivoli Post Office, which is where one would catch the Dutchess LOOP bus . Grabbing the 6:45am bus will put you at the Poughkeepsie train station by 7:36. Not too bad. Listing says the roof is new, and we love the look of the kitchen and the floors. The lot size is itty-bitty.

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Tivoli Green Farmhouse, $844,000

464 west kerley corners red hook ny

Well, she ain’t cheap, but she sure is green. In fact, according to the listing, it was the first Platinum LEED certification in the state, designated back in 2007. Eco-friendly systems include solar panels and geothermal, and the house is constructed from reclaimed materials and 99% vinyl-free. So in terms of heat and lights, you could save a bundle, even though the mortgage and taxes high. There’s a lot more going on here, so make sure you read the detailed listing for more information on all the green features of this house. And, it looks great. The interior is just beautiful. Located on 36 acres and includes a pond and pool. The property is situated within the Common Fire Foundation Co-op.

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Car-Free Country House: Tivoli Gothic, $315,000

125 broadway tivoli ny

Wait, what? How is Tivoli on the Car-Free list? Well, we’ll tell you. After investing the UCAT a while back, we decided to check around for other similar options in other counties, and we came across the Dutchess LOOP. We haven’t had a chance to try it out yet (but perhaps you, dear readers, have and can report on your findings), but a look at the schedule for Loop C reveals that a LOOP bus stops at the Tivoli post office, then makes other stops in Red Hook, Rhinebeck, and Hyde Park before stopping in Poughkeepsie at the train station. There are other routes, too, that include Fishkill, Beacon, Wappingers Falls, etc. Worth checking out. Anyway, this is a cute Gothic, although we’re not sure how we feel about the sliding chain link fence in the living room. But we like plenty of other things about it, including the sweet half-acre park-like yard. Walking distance to places in Tivoli, but getting out and about without a car can prove difficult (that’s our standard caveat about upstate car-free living).

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The Relocators: It’s Cherry-Pickin’ Season

Tart Cherries

And that means Mark is in heaven. Mark loves cherries…tart and sweet, Rainiers, Montmorency, Bing, you name it. Since its the end of June, on our agenda was to find a cherry farm with pick-your-own cherries. We found several and headed out to Mead Orchards in Tivoli. At $3.00/pound, we found three varieties: sweet (I think Bing), tart (unknown variety) and what looked like Rainier cherries but are actually Emperor Francis Blush cherries. Read the rest of this entry »

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