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Five-Figure Friday: Tannersville Victorian, $74,999

24 raspberry lane tannersville ny

It needs work, but this Victorian located off of Main Street in Tannersville possess all kinds of potential beauty. The 2,500 square foot house is carved up into nine bedrooms, which seems a bit excessive to us, but (not that we’re interior design renovation experts) perhaps it works in the space, which used to be an inn back in the Catskills resort hayday. We can only speculate given the photos, which don’t reveal enough. Lot size is a half-acre just a bit west of most of the amenities in the village. Close to skiing at Hunter or Windham, hiking, etc.

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A Bird’s Eye View of Tannersville

Or, rather, a teeny tiny drone’s eye view. We caught this video, um, flying around on Twitter and thought we’d share it with you. Sure is perdy up there.

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For Xmas: This Tannersville Getaway?

So, lots of realty places are preparing for the snoozy season in upstate New York right now. But those of us who have been quietly planning to purchase a piece of property upstate would be smart to pounce while the iron is cold, especially if you’re had your eye on something for a while.

Well, we here at Upstater headquarters still haven’t found the perfect place, the right size and price and location, close enough to family but not right snug against them. So we widened our search a bit for something with land, a pool, room for guests and up popped this interesting pad in Tannersville. Tannersville is a nice spot not just because it has a cute little downtown and is surrounded by beautiful mountains and skiing (global warming and snow machines permitting), but because it has a tourist economy and places there are rentable. That is, if you have enough of a stand-out property to hold it above the fray.

We think 868 Route 25, Tannersville could be that spot, especially if you promote those pictures of the gardens. The landscaping is beautiful, and it has 14 acres on which to roam.  Five beds, 2 full and 2 half-baths, 3,100 square feet, a pool and a cute little guest house (regular reader know just what suckers we are for those). The price: $595,000 — $54,000 less than when it was listed in July.

 868 Route 25, Tannersville. Sotheby’s. GMAP.

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Five Figure Fridays! Happy in Hunter

Hunter is, along with nearby Lexington, the Catskills town I’ve spent the most time in, so I’ve been paying particular attention to the bargain end of this area.  It seems the Mountaintop has fared better than its southerly cousins during the financial downturn, and real estate values have held up better.  Plus there’s always the possibility of using your property as a ski rental to buoy prices.  All of which means, when you delve under $100k, you find places like this:

Angels and ministers of grace.  A lovely, Miss Havisham-esque old wreck, to be sure, but perhaps a little challenging as a DIY rehab, yes?  I’m not even linking to the $70k cabin where the listing merrily states “very damp!  Could be mold!”  *Shudder.*

Thankfully, there are some more promising entries in the bargain hunt:

First up is a FSBO from Craigslist.  It’s a 4BR (!), 2 bath farmhouse on a quarter acre, conveniently located square between Hunter and Tannersville.  It’s had a recent (2008), somewhat flavorless renovation, but at least  the major systems have been attended to – the owner reports new water heater, floor, windows, wood stove, well pump and high efficiency propane furnace.

It’s on village sewer, and there’s a deck off one of the upstairs bedrooms.  With major sleeping capacity and proximity to the slopes, $99k seems like a bargain on this one.

10 Clum Hill Road (FSBO/Craigslist) Gmap
Asking Price: $99,000
Beds: 4
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 1,376
Land: .25 acres
Taxes: $2025
Features: Updated systems, central location, deck


Next up is a traditional ski condo.  Not usually my bag, but it’s in good shape and sits just two block from the ski-on/ski-off part of the Hunter slopes.

Yes, okay, it’s bland as saltines despite the somewhat slapdash flourish of the stone fireplace, but I doubt you’ll find a (almost)slopeside condo for less than the $99k they’re asking here.

142-Q4 Hunter Drive (Win Morrison) Gmap
Asking Price: $99,000
Beds: 1
Baths: 1
Square Feet: 620
Land: .12 acres
Year Built: 1980
Features: Community water and sewer, fireplace


Sure, it’s a trailer, but the interior has been completely renovated with a sort of Sauna Chic flair which I really dig.  It’s located right in the village, and one picture I found showed a dishwasher and washer/dryer.

It also apparently comes furnished.  Turn-key!  $90k.

Village of Hunter (address unknown) (Timberland)
Asking Price: $90,000
Beds: 1
Baths: 1
Features: Wood paneling, village location, furnished


This 2BR/2BA cottage is on Route 214, an incredibly scenic drive from Hunter down past Devil’s Tombstone Campground to Phoenicia.  The realtor cleverly excludes the worst of the exterior shots that show up on Realtor.com – there’s a bunch of “TLC” needed here.

That said, the angular paneled den and fireplace are charming, and there’s a seafoam green kitchen suite!  1,220 square feet of potential in a great location for $89k.

3973 Route 214 (Gene Gordon) Gmap
Asking Price: $89,000
Beds: 2
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 1,220
Land: .30 acres
Year Built: 1919
Taxes: unk.
Features: Fireplace, garage


All right, internet, I almost didn’t show you this last one.  Because, to be honest, I am completely smitten with this place and I want it for myself.  So promise me that if you buy this place you’ll let us stay there some time, okay?  Call it a finder’s fee.

It’s an itty-bitty (650 sq. ft.) 2BR/1BA with cedar shake siding, a half-acre lot and a creek running along the back.  Set just off Platte Clove Road, which runs from Hunter/Tannersville straight down the side of a gorge into Saugerties.  Convenient to everything but secluded and surrounded by high peaks and state land, with low taxes, lovely wood floors, a big flat lawn and an asking price of just $79k.  Swoon.

200 Dale Lane (Unique) Gmap
Asking Price: $79,000
Beds: 2
Baths: 1
Square Feet: 672
Land: .50 acres
Year Built: 1926
Taxes: ~$1600
Features: Shake siding, creek

More pictures of all the properties after the jump!

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