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Restored Colonial in Stephentown, $324,500

1318 garfield road stephentown ny

The listing says this was once a mill located on Kinderhook Creek, although it’s hard to see it as that, the way it looks now. Still, we love its stream-side locale, and that is one good-looking master bath. Includes a wrap-around deck and cute red shed/cottage on the property. Lot size is small, less than an acre, but not bad when you consider you’ve got a whole creek outside your back door.

1318 garfield road stephentown ny2

1318 garfield road stephentown ny3

1318 garfield road stephentown ny4

1318 garfield road stephentown ny5

1318 garfield road stephentown ny6

Beds: 3

Baths: 3

Square Feet: 2,200

Taxes: $3,306

1318 Garfield Road, Stephentown (Chuck Bartolo) GMAP

Category: $300000 to $499000, Rensselaer County, Stephentown, Waterfront

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Stephentown Country Cape Cod, $198,000

At less than $200,000, this 1,992 square feet, 4 beds/2 baths on 13 acres seems like a good deal. The interior is neat as a pin, it’s got views of the mountains, the deck is big, and the inside looks bright and light-filled. Guest house/studio included in the deal. Located near the end of rural road, it looks like a peaceful spot tucked away amongst the trees. The fact that it’s red and this is Valentine’s Day is purely coincidental. There’s no way we’re that organized.

Beds: 4

Baths: 2

Square Feet: 1,992

Taxes: $4,220

70 Lower Hemlock Way, Stephentown (The Kinderhook Group) GMAP

Category: $100000 to $199000, Rensselaer County, Rural, Stephentown

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Stephentown Contemporary (with Elevator!), $339,000

We could easily spend all week looking at amazing Colonial farmhouses in Stephentown. You can’t swing a cat without hitting one. But since we want to show you that there are other kinds of properties in the area, we will look at a contemporary, albeit a bit begrudgingly. But it’s got an elevator! And we like the retro stand-alone fireplace, as well as the views from its many decks. As for the siding in the dining room, well…did we mention there’s an elevator?

In all seriousness, 7 acres, in-ground pool, and a greenhouse make it tantalizing. We’ve had a greenhouse on our country house list for quite some time.

Beds: 2

Baths: 2

Square Feet: 2,500

Taxes: $3,948

98 Partridge Lane, Stephentown (Tucker Welch Properties) GMAP

Category: $300000 to $499000, Rensselaer County, Rural, Stephentown, upstate new york

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Stephentown Eyebrow Colonial, $399,000

Is this eyebrow colonial a Dream House Contender? We’re thinking, yeah, maybe so. Let’s run down the list, shall we? It’s got an adorable wooden bridge crossing over a stream on the property (which is 11 acres, by the by), a red kitchen (we admit, we have an affinity for red kitchens), copious built-in shelving and storage in the master bedroom, screened-in porch, and…drum roll, please…an indoor lap pool. It’s a hair’s-breadth from the MA border. So close, in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the property crossed state lines. Surrounded by nothing but green as far as the eye can see.

Beds: 5

Baths: 3

Square Feet: 3,530

Taxes: $8,130

96 Goodrich Hollow Road, Stephentown (Prudential Manor Homes) GMAP

Category: $300000 to $499000, Rensselaer County, Rural, Stephentown

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