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Roxbury’s New General Store

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It seems that the Delaware County village of Roxbury is getting cooler by the second. First came the Roxbury Motel, and now, our friends at the Watershed Post are reporting that a new general store is opening up in town. Roxbury General, owned by husband and wife Dough McLaurine and Robin Factor, is set to open this Saturday, January 18th. According to their website, McLaurine and Factor are opening a general store “because of the needs of the community, both temporary and permanent, for a quality shopping experience offering a variety of carefully curated crafts, gifts, and clothing. In our years here we have become familiar with the ethos of the community and are enthusiastic and optimistic about its prospects. Roxbury General will add to the charm, fun, and function of the area.” Sounds good to us. The store is located in the Ederlin Building on Main Street.

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RoTW: Roxbury Mountaintop Retreat, $375/night

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We’re just nuts about the village of Roxbury up in Delaware County, but we don’t get there nearly as often as we’d prefer. Perhaps now that we’ve found this gorgeous, well-designed rental up in the mountains, however, we have an excuse to get there a little more often. Not only are the views breathtaking from this 3 bedroom hideaway, but the interior looks pretty fabulous, too. Check out that copper dining room. How cool is that? And the kitchen is sweet, as well. Located at the end of a dead end driveway about halfway between Roxbury and Margaretville, this place looks like the perfect spot to hunker down and hide for a weekend. Neighboring houses are completely hidden from sight, so says the description. Two night minimum stay.

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Rental of the Week: Manhattan Country School Farm


No, it doesn’t come with a pack of private school kids from the city. But the Manhattan Country School Farm in Roxbury, NY does come with sheep, cows (yes, you can milk them), pigs and glorious countryside around which to roam. The kitchen is commercial. The vibe is casual. The bedrooms: mostly dorm rooms with bunk beds (many choose to lay the mattresses on the floor for family snuggle time). The rooms on the third floor include a double bed, and one with three single mattresses, comparatively luxurious to the second floor. Great for large groups, though you pay per person ($50, with a minimum of $500), so if you have a lot of kids in the family, it becomes expensive.

Is it worth it? When it’s pouring rain, it feels less so — the inside of the house definitely has a collegiate feel. But if the weather cooperates, it’s really a lovely spot.


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The Great, Gay Catskills


The Catskills are an emerging gay destination. So says an Atlanta-based magazine that cites the gay-owned Roxbury Hotel (click here for yesterday’s Roxbury deal) and its lesbian-owned next door neighbor, Public Lounge as great, gay destinations. “While Roxbury is experiencing a renaissance, Sullivan County is also seeing an uptick in gay travelers,” they write. “It’s always been a gay-friendly destination (up to 70 percent of businesses in Narrowsburg Village alone are gay owned and there’s even an Out&About local guide distributed in shops, lounges and antique stores, as well as a website exclusively for gay visitors: www.outinthecatskills.com).”

Any other gay-friendly businesses you Upstaters wanna mention?

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