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Deal: Three Nights for Two at the Winter Clove

Have you traveled back in time to the Winter Clove? Because, if not, you’re depriving yourself of a wonderful experience. The Winter Clove, in Round Top, NY, is a resort-with-a-lower-case-r, an old fashioned family joint where you can get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at lunch time, swing a bowling ball down the rickety wooden lanes, hike, swim, golf, play tennis — and none of it stodgy or fancy. We’re fans of the joint, and over at Great Northern Catskills they’re offering a deal: three nights for the price of two for select September dates. More information here. See you there!

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Deal: Glen Falls House, 50% Off

The Glen Falls “resort” (pools, tennis, 46-acres of land, but all very un-shmancy),  in the northern Catskills had a winter deal, as well. Now they’ve got a summer offer:

  • A Two-Night Stay for Two Adults and Two Children with Six Family-Style Meals Per Person, Sundays through Thursdays ($212) or Fridays and Saturdays ($255) from June 29 to July 7
  • Or, a Three-Night Stay for Two Adults and Two Children with Nine Family-Style Meals Per Person, Mondays through Wednesdays from August 13 to 15 or 20 to 22 ($344)
  • Or, a Five-Night Stay for Two Adults and Two Children with 15 Family-Style Meals Per Person, Sundays through Thursdays from July 8 to 12 ($573)

It’s modest inside, and feels like a relic from another, sweeter time. Definitely recommended for families. It’s about two-and-a-half hours from Brooklyn, and has a main house and a bunch of little lodges/motels/outbuildings. Let us know if you go.

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LivingSocial Deal on Glen Falls House

So, I haven’t actually stayed at the Glen Falls House, but I got married down the street from it at the Winter Clove, in an area of the northern Catskills that feels pretty much frozen in time. These “resorts” have nothing in common with their luxury counterparts. They attract families of modest means and can accommodate large groups, who generally pay by the person. Meals, at least those for the kiddos, consist of things like hot dogs and peanut butter and jelly — which we think is perfectly grand. So we’re passing on this LivingSocial deal for a trip to Glen Falls House, which seems like a decent bargain at $187 for two folks, two nights, and includes lots of meals and passes to area attractions. Let us know if you go!

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