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Is Prattsville Back?

The town dubbed hardest hit by Tropical Storm Irene last year has seen some improvements, writes the NY Times.

“…everyone has a flood story: the generations-old business that washed away; the new trailer that was split in half; the family dog that disappeared; the museum whose collection was practically erased. Increasingly, the story line includes frustration over the money that ran out, but there are also cries of hope, even celebration, as evinced in Prattsville over the weekend.”

They write about Mudfest (did anyone go? We missed it), which celebrates the flood prone-ness of the town, instead of denegrates it: bands, bbqs and mudslides. And about the $574 million in state aid sent to help the damage, which has left 10s of homes vacant and seen some razed to the ground.

If you want to aid in the continuing recovery, you can donate to the Prattsville Relief Fund.

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Prattsville Tavern Reopening Today

A spot of sunlight in Irene-ravaged Prattsville: the Tavern, once the center of local fraternizing (folks were still sitting out front of its shuttered doors after Hurricane Irene ripped through the Catksills), will be reopening today. I bet it’s going to be a great scene. Go up there and get a drink!

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Greene County House of the Week: $250,000 Farmhouse with Million Dollar Views

This Prattsville vintage farmhouse is lovely, but for me, it’s all about those views. The property comes with a 1.26 acres—nothing to sneeze at if you’re a Brooklynite—but it feels like so much more. I love that field overlooking the mountains, and all the possibilities it suggests. Giant vegetable garden? Pool?

The house itself offers plenty of room for a family + guests. I’d love to see it without furniture to get a better sense of its bones. Stats and map on the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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