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Olivebridge Cottage w/Pool, $150/night

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We were recently asked if we knew of any rentals in the Ulster County area large enough for a family, $3000-$6000/month, with a pool. Tall order! But, we found this cottage in Olivebridge for $150/night or $1,500/week, and behold: It has a pool. And it sleeps 6-8 over 3 bedrooms, which might be a little cozy if you’re planning on being a party of 8, but 6 should be okay. Love the green kitchen and the screened-in porch. We think this is a pretty good deal, and so do a lot of other people, apparently. It’s availability is very limited, but if you’re looking for a few days away from it all in order to luxuriate in a pool and do some BBQing, this could be the place for you. It’s also pet-friendly with a fenced-in yard.

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From the Listings: OliveHouse, $445,000


Since this whole week is focused on potentially car-free living situations, we’re passing on our usual Wednesday Car-Free Upstate post. Instead, here’s a lovely from our real estate listings: A modern abode in Olivebridge, Ulster County. It’s sleek, simple, elegant, and bright (it has forty windows, after all). The listing says that furnishings are available and that it has lots of energy efficient features, like passive solar, a high efficiency boiler, and radiant heat. Also built from renewable materials. It’s a real looker. Here’s the listing.

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Olivebridge Farmhouse, $369,000

294 acorn hill road olivebridge ny

The adult side of us rejoices in how well-appointed and beautiful this farmhouse is, located in the Ulster County hamlet of Olivebridge. The adult side of us loves the roomy kitchen, the stone fireplace, the multitude of windows, the screened-in porch with stained glass accent, and the house’s easy, comfortable flow. The adult in us is also happy to learn that the property size is over an acre, which is great for the country, and that the taxes are on the lowish side. But the kid side of us giggled with glee over the gigantic (for a kid) playhouse and treehouse. Race ya to the ladder!

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Olivebridge Cottage, $199,900

146 grassy ridge road olivebridge ny

Ask any insider which town in Ulster County has comparatively lower taxes than other spots in the county, and they will most likely name the town of Olive. It’s true; we’ve seen the difference with our own eyes, and while Olive doesn’t compare to places in Delaware, Sullivan, or even Greene County, if you’re looking to live in Ulster and don’t want to go broke paying taxes, Olive is probably your safest bet. Plus, there are houses like this cottage, which is located amongst a cool rock garden and outcroppings. The high ceilings give some spaciousness to it, but for a cottage, it’s actually quite roomy at over 1,000 square feet. Loving the black and white kitchen with red accents.

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