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Car-Free Upstate: New Paltz Colonial, $595,000

105 huguenot street new paltz ny

Located in New Paltz’s historic Huguenot Street neighborhood, this renovated 1840 Colonial is less than a mile from the Trailways bus stop on Main Street. Also walking distance to shops, restaurants, and other village amenities. The owner hipped us to this property and explained that they had originally purchased and renovated it in order to rent it out, but New Paltz enacted a local law prohibiting short term rentals. Bummer. So they’re selling. The work they put into it shows. The interior is fresh and bright, and check out the back deck. It has windows and a door that open into the kitchen (great for entertaining) and a view of the Wallkill River. We love the Huguenot Street area with its museums, historical properties, and access to the Rail Trail.

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New Paltz Revolving Dome House, $985,000

116 canaan road new paltz ny3

We’ve had our sights trained on this house in New Paltz for a long time, back when it was well over a cool million. Now, it’s under a million, which seems almost affordable for a house that revolves at the touch of a button. What? Yeah, that’s right. The lucky occupant of this circular abode can adjust how much natural light enters by rotating the house either toward or away from the sun. As jaded we get sometimes, looking at all of these incredible properties, we have to admit, without hyperbole, that THIS IS SO COOL. Plus, just look at the interior. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of, if your dreams consist of living under a dome that’s wide open and loft-like. It’s also located on 27 acres, about three miles outside of New Paltz.

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New Paltz Gets an App


That’s right: that epicenter of healing arts and gorgeous hikes now has its own interactive electronic application. The New Paltz App is described on the iTunes site thusly: “Explore New Paltz New York with the New Paltz App. Find local news, weather, sports, business listings and more. Want to know the local showtimes, or browse local jobs? You can do it all here.”

It was created by Barrie Dener, who teaches technology as part of her job, and conceived of the app when she was on bed rest, reports the New Paltz Times. Her idea: boost local business, and get people extra-rooted to the town. Yes, we know: there are many apps that use GPS and orient people to the closest taxi stand or grocery store, and apps that tell you the times for the movies, but perhaps such an app can add insider knowledge the way those others couldn’t. Could this be a trend: the hyper-local app?

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RoTW: From the Listings – New Paltz Barn Studio, $1500/month

EPSON scanner image

This is a bit different from what we usually do for our Rentals of the Week, since this isn’t a living space (as far as we can tell). What it is, in fact, is a very cool, very spacious studio barn located right in the village center of New Paltz, which is prime real estate, particularly for an artist. The barn is three stories, the first floor set up for studio/work, the second floor set up as a gallery, and the third floor set up for storage and an office, all over 1,340 square feet. Includes water, sewer, WiFi, alarm system, and oil heat. Not too shabby for $1,500, and it’s walking distance to lots of places in New Paltz. Plus, it’s nice to look at.

Have you seen our other Real Estate listings? There’s some great stuff on there right now. Go have a look for yourself!

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