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Upstater Destinations: Monticello Bagel Festival, Aug 16-17

bagels galore

If the above picture isn’t enough to get you interested in the Monticello Bagel Festival happening on Friday, August 16 through Saturday, August 17, we don’t know what will. Feel free to abandon your low carb/Paleo diet for the weekend and indulge in some bready goodness, just this once.

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A Kink in the Plan for a Handyman Special

21 Highland Ave, Monticello: mini bungalow colony fixer-upper

21 Highland Ave, Monticello: mini bungalow colony fixer-upper

When we asked our beloved readers to fill out our survey, many of them responded with a plaintiff plaintive cry, noting the recent absence of Five-Figure Friday posts. Yes, we’ll bring them back this week, but we came across this post by a Sullivan County realtor, detailing the challenges with a handyman special.

“It’s tough to get financing for handyman condition houses, and some are beyond qualifying for even a rehab loan,” he writes. “If they can be rehabbed, the cost of doing so is often a multiple of the purchase price of a property. A 1,500 sq. ft. handyman farmhouse you might pick up for $50,000 could conceivably take another $100,000 or $150,000 to ‘bring back’. It’s not a project for the faint of heart or light of wallet.”

How many of you out there are hardy enough? And how many of you have rehabbed a handyman special? For many of our readers, a house that costs a total of $150,000 still seems like a bargain.

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New Life for Old Malls in Upstate NY?

Dead and dying malls are an unfortunate part of the upstate New York landscape. Some have been partially reborn as Sunday flea markets, or razed and turned into big box stores.

But the Watershed Post reports that Monticello’s Apollo Mall, long shuttered, might have an alternative path back to health. “The former Apollo Mall in the village of Monticello may become a film set for ‘Jamie Marks is Dead,‘ a ghost story slated to be shot at locations around Sullivan County soon,” they write.

Heck, how about a full-time movie studio in the space, inspired by the success of Steiner Studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard?

Meanwhile, aspiring actors in upstate New York might be interested in participating in the movie, too. Here’s a note from the producers:

“Currently seeking Background for an Independent Feature Film shooting in/around Monticello New York. Background MUST be able to self-report to set. This is a paying project and the extras are Non-Union. We are especially in need of adults (18+) who can look like High School students. Ideal for college students! Shooting starts 3/2.

All ages and ethnicities are encouraged to submit! Please email a RECENT photo along with your age, height, weight and current phone # to:submission@extramilenyc.com.”

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Five-Figure Fridays: Monticello Arts + Crafts, $95,000

The price probably has something to do with its location, in the village of Monticello. Many folks, as we’ve learned, are looking for lake properties when they come Monticello way, since waterfront real estate is affordable here compared to some of the tonier areas.

So if you’re looking for a village home, you can get quite a deal. For less than a hundred grand, you get a restored Arts and Crafts, with built-ins, gleaming floor and a handsome exterior. Not too shabby. There’s a tiny lot, .18 acres, and only one bath (perhaps one of the four bedrooms could be reborn as a bathroom). Comes with an attached garage. We’d upgrade the kitchen counters, too.

17 Lake Street, Monticello. $95,000. GMAP.

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