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Upstater Destinations: Innisfree Gardens, Millbrook

innisfree gardens

Innisfree Gardens, via website

We love discovering places like Innisfree Gardens, located in Millbrook in Dutchess County. Although we’re probably late to the party with this gem, it’s always nice to find a spot that causes us to exclaim, “You mean this has been here all along? Why were we not informed?” Every photo of flora on the Gardens website is more gorgeous than the last, and we’re looking forward to seeing it in person.

Innisfree began life in the 1920s as the private residence of Walter and Marian Beck, and in the 1930s, landscape architect Lester Collins jumped on board to help them flesh out the gardens as a public place. The design of the gardens is heavily influenced by Walter Beck’s affinity for Asian art and design, and that affinity certainly shines through in the gardens’ dreamy, otherworldly loveliness.

innisfree gardens3

Via Innisfree Gardens website

We may be jumping the gun a little by talking about Innisfree Gardens now, since the gardens don’t open for the season until May 7th. But it’s a destination worth marking on your calendar for future trips. We’ll be doing the same.

Check out the Innisfree Gardens website for a history lesson on the gardens, directions, hours of operations, etc.

innisfree gardens

Via Innisfree Gardens Website


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Upstater Destinations: Trevor Zoo, Millbrook

Trevor Zoo, Millbrook School

 The new school year has started for most of us living in the Upstater area, and for some, the chaotic atmosphere of the first day of class might seem like a zoo. But at the Millbrook School in Dutchess County, every day is a zoo…because they have an actual zoo there.

Established in 1936 by Frank Trevor, Millbrook School’s first Biology teacher, the Trevor Zoo is truly unique, as it is the only zoo in the country situated inside of a high school. But if you’re thinking of a zoo packed with sad animals in too-small cages, think again. The Trevor Zoo not only teaches Millbrook students and the visiting public about wildlife conservation and stewardship, the zoo also has an extensive veterinary clinic  and is home to both rehabilitated animals and seven different endangered species.

Cyril, a red panda, is one of Trevor Zoo’s many four-legged residents.

But first and foremost, the Trevor Zoo is a learning zoo for the students of Millbrook School. Around 40 students work at the zoo and handle a variety of zoo management responsibilities, from scooping the poop to exhibit creation. The zoo’s education doesn’t end with the 180 animals that call Trevor home. Environmental issues are explored in the Conservation Action Center, which focuses on bringing awareness to climate change, biodiversity, and pollution prevention, among others.

The Trevor Zoo is open to the public from 8:30 to 5:30, every day of the year. Admission is cheap for a day spent with the creatures, just $5 for adults and $3 for kids under 12. For more information, look here on their website. They even have a live video feed, which is currently trained on the zoo’s six new red wolf pups and their mother, Luna.

Millbrook School students and their slinky friend.


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Pine Plains Country House Perfection, Just Shy of $10 Mill

I’m pretty sure this Pine Plains/Millbrook colonial is the most expensive house we’ve ever written up, out of reach of probably all of our readers. But of all the listings that popped up under Pine Plains, this one looked most like the dream, albeit the super WASP-y, horse farm, upper crust dream. Five beds, three-and-a-half baths, over 300 acres, great views, kitchen to die for. Price tag: $9,995,000. No problem, right? I’ve got it right here under my mattress!

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Friday Real Estate Porn: 18th c. Tavern in Millbrook, $1.1 Mill

How times have changed. Someone last bought this former tavern in Millbrook in ’99 for $251,000. It’s currently assessed at $851,000, a nice penny for the owners, even if quite a bit less than they’re hoping to get for it. I chose this one for its gardens and the little greenhouse attached to the addition on the home, and also the word “hot tub” listed under amenities. My future country house will at the very least have an outdoor shower, and, as long as I’m fantasizing, might have an outdoor hot tub, too.

623 Killearn Road sits on 10 acres, has 4,000 square feet of living space and central air. Stats on the jump.

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