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Should We Be Allowed to Swear at Cities?

photo by jsmjr from Flickr/used via Creative Commons licensing

photo by jsmjr from Flickr/used via Creative Commons licensing

The ACLU says yes. They’re representing a Connecticut man, Willian Barboza, who got a speeding ticket in Sullivan County and defaced it with expletives when he paid his fine. Well, not just expletives. “He pleaded guilty by mail, and when he paid his fine expressed his frustration by scratching out ‘Liberty’ and replacing it with ‘Tyranny,” the ACLU reports. And then he wrote “f*%k your sh#@ty town bitches” on the payment form–without the cute characters in the words, of course. We’re just being polite.

The result: “A judge berated Barboza about his language, and he was handcuffed and arrested for violating the state ‘aggravated harassment’ statute. He was booked, fingerprinted, handcuffed to a bench and forced to pay $200 bail.”

Later, another judge dismissed the charges, but Barboza, not content with the vulgar ticket writing or the repeal of his booking, has filed suit. All he did was express his frustration, he says. And then he got arrested.

Well, there’s plenty of speech that’s not protected — threats, jokes about terrorism in the airport. Should we, when being ticketed in Sullivan County, reserve the right to swear? Or did they do right by charging him?

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Liberty Victorian, $270,000

This is an all-around good deal, even despite the price, which seems high in comparison to lots of other properties in and near the village of Liberty. It’s on an acre of land, the house is big (3300 square feet), and just recently, the attic was finished and transformed into additional rooms, tacking on an extra 1100 square feet to the house. And we like those attic rooms. They add a tiny puff of fresh air and modernity to the 102-year-old-house that some of the other spaces are lacking. Sadly, there are no pictures of the living room. Located about 2.5 miles west of the dead-center of Liberty.

340 Old Loomis Road, Liberty (Hudson Valley Realty) GMAP
Asking Price: $270,000
Beds: 3
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 3300
Year Built: 1910
Land: .92 acres
Taxes: $3645
Features: Detached garage, jacuzzi in master bath, finished attic.

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Upstater Destinations: Liberty Museum and Art Center

A lot of people come down hard on the state of the village of Liberty, what with its streets full of empty store fronts and buildings in various states of disrepair. But any place with a museum and arts center like the one located in Liberty is, in our opinion, headed in the right direction.

Formerly a 30-room hotel known as the Poellman House, the Liberty Museum and Art Center was purchased by the local chamber of commerce for one measly buck, and then turned over to a group as part of a large scheme to revitalize Liberty’s Main Street. The museum’s mission, according to their website is to “[present] creative arts as well as programs of local and regional history.” True to their word, the center features exhibits from artists both local and otherwise, as well as lectures, conferences, music, and other gatherings. Most recently, the center featured former Grossinger’s Hotel entertainer and actor-turned-fitness-instructor Jackie Horner.

The Liberty Museum and Art Center’s website hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but they have a Facebook page that includes the latest events and happenings at the center, which is open every Saturday from Noon to 4pm. For more information on upcoming events, membership, or volunteering, call the center at 845-292-2394

The Liberty Museum and Art Center in its former incarnation as the Poellman Hotel.


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Parksville Cottage + Guest House, $399,000

There’s a lot going on with this property located in the hamlet of Parksville (town of Liberty). It’s got quite an eclectic array of features: Main house is one-bedroom with two living rooms, sun room, fire place, etc., and the guest house includes an intercom. The 3.5-acre grounds are woodsy, with a fountain and paths, and there are number of additional buildings (Helo hut, studio, gardener’s shed, and a wood shop). There’s potential here for either a very secluded get-away property, or possibly a B&B. Just to reiterate in case you missed it the first time: It is very secluded. Parksville, which doesn’t have much, is 6 miles away. The village of Liberty is 10.5 miles away. And there’s not much else in between. In spite of it’s remoteness, it’s still a pretty straight shot to NYC, and just a hair over two hours.

740 Anderson Road, Parksville (McKean Real Estate, Inc.) GMAP
Asking Price: $399,000
Beds: 2
Baths: 3
Square Feet: 954 (just main house)
Year Built: 1920
Land: 3.45 acres
Taxes: $5071
Features: Guest house, wood shop, studio, Helo hut, garden paths, sun room in main house.

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