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Five-Figure Friday: Kerhonkson Camping Cabin, $39,000

67 cherry lane kerhonkson ny

Even at such a low price, it still seems a little much for a 140-square foot one room off-grid cabin. Then again, it’s sitting pretty on 2.5 acres, so it’s fairly comparable to other lot/land listings with nothing on them in Kerhonkson. Alas, this is the only photo available, so you’ll just have to use your rich imagination to picture the inside. Located about 6.5 miles north of Kerhonkson, the cabin is certainly private and secluded. But if you’re looking for something in the five-figure range with a teensy bit more space, it seems you’re out of luck. There’s always this cute place for $125,000.

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Compound in Kerhonkson, $1.49 million

3 dunn farm rd kerhonkson ny

We haven’t done the Friday Fancy thing in a while. Turns out, most people prefer five-figures over seven. Go figure! When we came across this compound in Kerhonkson, however, we couldn’t pass up writing about it. Yes, that’s a heavy price tag. But from the looks of things, the property includes at least three houses that we can see, the gem being the circa-1800 stone Colonial manor house shown above. It’s so pristine,we’re not sure we could let our children inside, which is fine, because they can go swim in the in-ground pool all summer long. Lot size is 12.5 acres of rolling meadows, ponds, and forest. This is the closest we’ve come to country living perfection in quite a while.

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Destinations: Kelder’s Farm, Kerhonkson

bounce kelder farm

Remember the picture of the giant garden gnome on Monday’s Kerhonkson post? His name is Gnome Chomsky, and he lives at Kelder’s Farm. Once upon a time, Gnome Chomsky was the tallest garden gnome in the world until other, larger gnomes came along and unseated him from his Guinness Book of World Records glory. And yet, he still continues to stand, holding his constant, silent but pleasantly-cheerful vigil over Kerhonkson’s well-known u-pick farm/family favorite destination in Ulster County.

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Kerhonkson Treehouse, $239,000

40 oxbow road kerhonkson ny

While this is technically not a treehouse in the strictest sense, we can understand why the owners would refer to it as such. The living room and bedrooms are on the top floor, perched high enough to feel like you’re residing among the treetops, and that is our favorite aspect of this 1965 Contemporary in Kerhonkson. Other highlights: High ceilings, an open floor plan, living room wood stove, and the second floor balcony (to which the master bedroom has its own entrance). We also love how wooded the 3.4 acre property is, and we’re thinking all those shade trees might help the house stay cool in the summer.

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