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The Weekenders: For Sale in and Around Lexington

It was exactly this time of year two years ago that we first went to look at the house we ended up buying.  We ended up buying a place, in an area that we really didn’t know about or even start looking at until we found the listing for our place online.  Now that we know the area and really like it, here are a few places for sale in and around Lexington that if we were looking right now, we’d probably take a look at:

Spruceton log cabin

This is more like what we thought we would end up getting – a smallish log cabin that needed some interior work, but that was in a beautiful rural location on a dead-end valley road.  Though there isn’t a lot of land with this place (1.4 acres),  it is right on the West Kill creek.  Unfortunately, it looks like the 4.5 acres that was for sale right next door that would have been a nice addition to this property has sold.

1976 Spruceton Road, West Kill NY $160,000 GMAP


Beech Ridge Road in Lexington has some of the best views in the area.  But, you’ll need to bring your four wheel drive in the winter because the road it is twisty and steep in some parts.   Although again, this place could use interior work, it looks like it has potential.  It has 8 acres of land and a pond.

528 Beech Ridge Rd, Lexington NY 12452  $195,000 GMAP

This place is CUTE, and it looks like it’s in a good location, on route 296 which is a relatively quite road that runs between Hunter and Windham so really nice for skiers.  Unfortunately, it’s on less than an acre and has other houses right next to it, but it backs up against the Batavia Kill Creek, so it might feel more rural than it looks.  Windham is a cool little ski town with a good Italian deli and a sweet local hardware store.

277 State Route 296(Hensonville), Windham NY 12439 $175,000 GMAP



Also on Route 296, but closer to Hunter (in Jewett) are two houses for the price of one.  It looks like they’ve done some nice deck building and landscaping.  Could be a good opportunity to keep one house for yourselves and rent out the other house for winter skiers and summer visitors.

927-929 Rt 296, Jewett NY 12444 $249,000 GMAP

We heard a rumor that this place used to belong to someone famous, but it seems to have fallen on hard times and is now a bank sale (for cheap!)  It’s definitely a project house, but looks like it still has some nice details.  It sits on a hill above Route 42 (which at this end is relatively quiet).  It’s either a half an acre or one and a half acres.

 2405 Route 42, West Kill NY 12492 $76,500 GMAP


We drive up Rt 42 every Friday night and back every Monday morning, and we’ve noticed a lot of places for sale along the road.   This place has been on the market since before we started looking two years ago.  It’s unfortunate because it looks like it could be a really cool house – very classic chalet (which is not a style I usually like) but that you could totally kitch up and turn into a swiss-style rental for skiers (it’s pretty much equidistant between Hunter and Bellayre).   But otherwise,  if you’re looking for privacy and outdoor space, the location isn’t great.   It overlooks Route 42 (at the lower southern end which has more traffic) and with only .77 acres doesn’t look like it has a yard or outdoor space besides the deck to hang out.

129 ROUTE 42, Shandaken NY 12480 $229,000 GMAP


If you have $2.4 million dollars lying around, you might want to consider this place in Lexington.  A HUGE house (7800 SF) decorated in a style I’ll call rich rustic, with 206 acres, caretakers house, stable, barn, tennis courts, ponds and a cool looking A-frame cottage with a fireplace.  If you don’t like how it’s decorated, maybe you have a 100k or so also lying around so you can redecorate with your own personal touch.

11 Haines Lane, Lexington NY 12452  $2.4 million GMAP

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Six Months Later: Jewett Cottage, Still $179,000

We fell for this two-bed, one-bath Jewett cottage when we wrote it up six months ago. The place is small, less than 1,200 square feet, but has three acres, mountain views and a lot of charm.

We’re thinking interested parties could offer less, considering the time it’s been on the market. It’s not in a town with curb appeal, but it’s a short drive to ski resorts. Jewett is a little less than three hours from the 11215 area code. There nearest Amtrak station is across the river in Hudson, about 30 minutes away, and the Trailways bus stops at some nearby towns.
74 Round Hills Road, Jewett, NY. $179,000. GMAP

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Greene County Pick of the Week: 1930s Cottage in Jewett for under $179,000

This pretty little Jewett cottage has some pretty, unexpected detail. I love the exterior stone fence and interior stone fireplace. The substantial woodwork and arched ceiling give this little house a nice Hobbit-y feeling. Jewett is a fairly sprawling place, without a town center but with a ton of protected land. Think bears in the backyard rather than charming B and Bs, though Jewett is an easy drive to the ski towns of Hunter and Windham.

The house itself is small—and that kitchen looks tight—-but it comes with three acres of land. Worth sharing one tiny bathroom for? Perhaps if you factor in those great Catskills views.

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Greene County Pick of the Week: Jewett Cottage for $225,000

This little Jewett cottage on five acres of land is rustic in the best sense. Sometimes too much exposed wood can make a place feel dark and close, but this one seems to struck the right balance of airy and cozy. (Sometimes white walls really are the best choice.) The house isn’t large and has only one bathroom, but with all that land, you’ve got room to expand.

The Jewett location doesn’t give you the name recognition of Windham or Hunter, but you’d be close enough to those ski resorts—about a ten minute drive–to get winter ski rentals. Stats and map on the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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