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The Relocators: It’s Strawberry Season


After our disappointment from last week’s Strawberry Festival here in Beacon, Mark and I needed a strawberry fix.  So we drove out to Fishkill Farms in Hopewell Junction and picked a couple of quarts of fresh strawberries. One more item crossed off the Hudson Valley Bucket List. Why did we chose Fishkill Farms? They are relatively close to Beacon and state on their website that they do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and practice”IPM” or Integrated Pest Management to help minimize the chemical usage in their orchards. We liked that. Below are a few shots of the experience. Enjoy!

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The Relocators: In Search of Asian Groceries

The past few weeks, Mark and I have had some experience trying to find grocery stores in the area that specialize in or carry Asian ingredients. We are particularly interested in Indian food since we don’t cook Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Occasionally we will cook something with a Thai flair, but those ingredients can usually be found at Adams Fairacre farms or the local health food store.

Indian food ingredients are a whole other story. And because of that, you usually need to find a grocery story that either specializes in these ingredients or carries them along with foods from other Asian cultures. Here’s what we found…

Welcome Oriental Grocery - This is a small store located in the outskirts of Poughkeepsie. Honestly I wouldn’t have even known it was Poughkeepsie except that’s what Google says. Upon entering the store, we were greeted with a hostile glare from the teenager working behind the register. I tried not to take it too personally; for all I know she was just angry at the world. An adult, perhaps the mother, came out to greet us after seeing the exchange and asked if there was anything she could help us find. She was very nice and tried to help us find the few Indian food ingredients they carried. But there were very few. If you’re looking for Chinese food ingredients, then this is the place for you. The shelves are stocked full. But since this wasn’t the cuisine we were after, it was a bust for us.

Hopewell Farms
Hopewell Farms – Hopewell Farms is a large-ish grocery store in Hopewell Junction. It carries an odd mix of Japanese, Korean and other Asian ingredients, as well as Latin and Italian, with a little ‘health store food’ mixed in for good measure. In the freezer, you can find Portugese food right alongside Korean, next to Latin and Mexican, on top of Japanese. There is a deli case selling salami next to a sushi bar. They have fresh fish and seafood in the back that seems reasonably priced. Down the aisle from that, are butchered whole goats or sheep. Honestly I have no idea what they were because it freaked me out so much. I told Mark to go take a picture as I stood back…way back. LOL.

They sell a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and seemed to have a few of the Asian variety. But honestly I wasn’t all that impressed with the selection. But they do have a lot of canned, packaged and frozen food from various cuisines and cultures. Alas, Indian food ingredients were not present. So we bought some fresh wild-caught salmon, and called it a day.

Krishna Indian Groceries


Krishna Indian Groceries – Pay dirt! Okay…that should have been obvious. Right? We should have been searching for INDIAN grocery stores and not ASIAN grocery stores. But it gave us something to write about. Krishna Indian Groceries is a little store on Route 9. It is filled to the brim with ingredients for making just about any kind of Indian food you desire. They even have both fresh and dried curry (tree) leaves. They aren’t big on the fresh ingredients aside from the curry leaves. From what I could see, they have a few sad looking vegetables in the cooler and boxes of hot peppers on a table. But that was about it.

What they do have is aisles of packaged goods and spices for making your Indian food at home. We were in heaven. They even rent Bollywood tapes behind the counter and sell a few religious items as well. But wait! Don’t leave without trying at least one of their samosas. OMG! These were the kind of samosas I’m sure my grandmother would have made had she been Indian. They were so much better than anything eaten in even the yummiest of Indian restaurants in three states.

We went on the weekend, but it looks like they sell a full meal Monday through Friday. We WILL be eating lunch or dinner there one day soon. I really need another samosa. Another bonus?? They are actually opened later than most grocery stores around these parts. So if I’m hankering for something hot and spicy but need some besan flour or cardamon seeds before 9:00pm, I know where to go.

Saraswati Grocery – Down the street and on the other side of Route 9 is Saraswati Grocery store. Honestly…we never made it there. But we will be going very soon. From their Yelp reviews, it looks like they might have some fresh ingredients. So it’s worth checking out. Uncertain if they sell prepared food. I’ll report back when we visit.

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Hopewell Junction Contemporary, $398,000

Just hear us out before you discount this house at first glance. Yes, it’s kind of a generic 1970s brick number. Yes, it’s not really what we’re usually about here. But it’s pretty spacious, it’s about $77/square foot, it’s on over an acre, but more important than all of that, it’s got its own huge, indoor swimming pool!

Do you even need to see the rest of the house to know that a 5,000+ square foot house with an indoor swimming pool under half-a-mill is a pretty good deal? Probably not. But here’s the rest, anyway.

There’s a lot we’re not nuts about vis-a-vis the interior, and the taxes are a little dear. But there’s stuff we like, too: The size, the hardwood floors, the lay-out’s not bad. But it’s really the indoor pool that did it for us. Call us shallow (pun intended).

36 Innsbruck Blvd, Hopewell Junction (Houlihan Lawrence) GMAP
Asking Price: $389,000
Beds: 5
Baths: 3.5
Square Feet: 5162
Year Built: 1970
Land: 1.3 acres
Taxes: $10,486
Features: Indoor pool

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Contemporary Farm House + Studio, Hopewell Junction, $299,000

Depending on where you look, this house is either in East Fishkill or Hopewell Junction. Google Maps says Hopewell Junction, but the listing says East Fishkill. So, we’ll say it’s in the 12533 zip code and tucked into the corner where the Taconic Parkway crosses I-84.

Regardless of the quibbles over its exact location, it’s worth mentioning because it’s a Twofer. The property consists of a 1,100 square foot house (built in 1940 and renovated in 2001), plus a 1,200 square foot detached garage that’s been converted into a studio. And it’s all on about two-and-a-half acres. Oh, and it comes with its own greenhouse. Threefer?

How we do wish these pictures were better. We find ourselves lamenting photo quality a lot when we’re looking at listings, but especially when the house is so clearly worth checking out, like this one. Maybe you can enlarge them and stand back from your monitor about 6 feet.

Look closely at the listing description: Tacked on there at the end, it says that it’s a short sale pending bank approval. That’s an important piece of information in choosing a property and should be carefully considered by a potential buyer.

261 Shenandoah Road, Hopewell Junction (JonCar Realty/Peggy Rose – 845-546-2614) GMAP
Asking Price: $299,000
Beds: 2
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 1,100
Year Built: 1940
Land: 2.42 acres
Taxes: $5,875
Features: House + studio/garage + greenhouse

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