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The Hillsdale House, $2.89 million

211 mitchell street hillsdale ny

More giant windows to enjoy the view here in Hillsdale. This modest shanty was built in 2009 and designed by F:T Architecture. It’s over 6,000 square feet in size and includes a movie projection room, 16-foot ceilings, an in-ground pool with a second-floor terrace overlooking it, and an outdoor kitchen. The focal point of it all is that dramatic wall of windows, though. You know the old saying: People who live in glass houses must be very lucky, indeed. Or something like that.

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Hillsdale Renovated Colonial, $650,000

45 labranche road hillsdale ny

If the exterior doesn’t do much for you, check out the interior. All we could say was, “Whoa”, which we think pretty much sums it up. The listing says it’s 2,600 square feet, which is plenty large enough, but the pictures (which are nicely-executed, by the way; we wish all real estate photos looked this good) make it look so much more expansive, due in part, we believe, to the high ceilings. The main house was built in 1790 with a modern addition put on recently. Includes nice views of Catamount, an in-ground pool, and a 4 acre lot out in the country with more than enough room for gardening. This is truly one stunning abode.

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Center Hall Colonial in Hillsdale, $649,000

123 taconic creek road hillsdale ny

This is the kind of house that inspires the creation of property blogs like Upstater. So beautiful and tastefully restored, and the location is just lovely. It’s secluded, located approximately 5 miles north of the hamlet of Hillsdale. We counted three fireplaces, but there might be more. Includes a dreamy garden courtyard complete with potting shed. The house was built in 1790, but the kitchen looks plenty up-to-date. An historical throw-back with modernity in all the right places.

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Hillsdale Rustic Cottage, $159,000

61 texas hill road hillsdale ny

You get a lot for the price in this rustic cabin outside of Hillsdale, just north of Craryville: It’s more than a thousand square feet with a very cozy interior (although perhaps a little lacking in the windows department), and it sits on 21 acres. We would need a lot more cabinet and counter space in the kitchen, but that’s easily remedied. Plus, it comes with two decks and two wood stoves, one in the living room and one in the master bed. Listing says roof is new as of 2003. Lovely floors, and that bedroom looks spacious and inviting.

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