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Still for Sale: The Silo House

487 Barley Road in Highmount was offered at $163,000 last time we checked in October.

Nobody’s snatched it up yet, and now it’s $158,000. To us, the great beauty of it, besides its function as a conversation piece, is its rentability. It’s near skiing and we think it’s interesting enough to draw folks upstate to stay in it. Might want to declutter it a bit.

It’s small, to be sure: 750 square feet, and two beds, with only one bath. But lots of room to stretch your legs in the almost eight acres outside.

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Susie Essman: Bringing the Catskills Back Through Laughter

The Catskills’ economy is no laughing matter, but Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Susie Essman is planning a comedy show at the Belleayre Music Festival to help improve it. “That entire area really suffered after Hurricane Irene. So many people lost their homes, and the whole Catskill region really suffered also from that devastation. And this winter all the ski resorts suffered because there was no snow. I mean, I was happy about no snow because I have a treacherous driveway, but that’s kind of selfish of me. I know that the area’s depressed,” the former upstate New York bungalow colony dweller told the NY Press.

Tickets range from $25 to $66, or a special benefit ticket for $200. Proceeds go to the Catskill Park Resource Foundation. The concert is Saturday, August 25th in Highmount, NY.

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Super Cool Silo Home, $163,000

Oh, if only I were cool enough to buy this place. It’s the right price, looks amazing, close to skiing at Belleayre (though there might soon be an enormous development at Belleayre, so maybe that’s not always going to be a plus. This renovated silo home in Highmount, NY was recently profiled in the NY Times, so maybe there’s ample interest, but it’s still on the market, folks. The realtors point out that Delaware County has lower taxes (lower than Ulster and Dutchess, one would assume): $1,376 a year, which seems pretty good to me! Also according to Property Shark, it’s assessed for $88,000. It’s on 7.76 acres, and it sure does look like a fun weekend place. It’s somewhere between two-and-a-half and three hours from Brooklyn. Stats on the jump.

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