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Hancock Bavarian-Style House, $299,000

1043 arlyn milk road long eddy ny

It’s not that we’re huge fans of this Tyrolean/Bavarian hunting lodge look in a home, but when it comes to privacy and getting away from it all, this place certainly fits the bill. Depending on which website you’re looking at, the property is listed as existing in Long Eddy (a hamlet in far western Sullivan County in the town of Fremont right on the NY/PA border), or in Hancock, which is in Delaware County. Long Eddy is located in the extreme western corner of Sullivan County, and this house is about 8 miles north of it, which puts property squarely in Delaware County. Now that we’ve sorted that out, on to the house itself. 1043 Arlyn Milk Road seems like it’s reasonably-priced for what you’re getting: It’s nearly 3,000 square feet in size, 6 beds/3 baths, and it’s on 17.4 acres. There are things about the interior we found intriguing, like the kitchen, the stone fireplace in the living room (animal head trophies aren’t really our thing, however), and the workshop that lies behind those pretty stained glass doors. Long story short, we would love to see this house in the flesh. The taxes are downright dirt-cheap.

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Five-Figure Friday: Hancock Cottage, $69,900

187 hubble hill road fishs eddy ny

If the cottage sans utilities going for $169,000 that we looked at earlier this week is a bit out of your price range, perhaps this one might be more to your liking. It’s located in Fishs Eddy (not the cool dinnerware store on Broadway in Manhattan) in the town of Hancock, just east of the village of Hancock, right near the east branch of the Delaware. Looks cozy with a loft sleeping space and an additional bedroom on the first floor. And, it appears to have utilities, which is good news. The small kitchen is surprisingly well-accommodated with cabinetry, but that bathroom off the kitchen looks awfully small and awkward. We wonder how a shower could possibly fit in there. Maybe there isn’t one in order to encourage some more rustic living. There’s always the river if you get desperate. Lot size is a half-acre.

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East Branch Farmhouse, $375,000

132 peakville road hancock ny

This sunny-yellow turn of the century is located in East Branch, which is located in the town of Hancock, about 13 miles east of the village of Hancock. East Branch isn’t even a hamlet; it’s just a spot along the Beaverkill. We love the house, though, so we couldn’t pass it up based solely on its location. Close enough, we say. It’s situated on 6 acres, and it includes 6 beds/6baths. Everything about it has clearly been babied and cared for, from the ceiling moldings down to the hardwood floors. Great kitchen, cute bedrooms with period charm, and 3 parlors within a roomy 3,500 square foot space. Lot includes gardens. The property is right on the Beaverkill, so the flood risk is high.

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Hancock Raised Ranch, $125,000

1148 state highway 268 hancock ny

This sweet, well-maintained house with an additional cottage on the property is so cheap for what you’re getting, it seem too good to be true. We do wonder, however, if the fact that its sandwiched between two main roads, State Highway 268 and Route 17, which passes above it via overpass, makes it a noisy, dusty place to live. The Delaware River is but a few feet away, which also raises the specter of flooding. However, Floodsmart.gov gives it a moderate-to-low risk, and that’s good enough for us. Also, the lot is small, only a quarter-acre, and we’re not on board with a lot of the interior design choices, but that’s just personal preference. It’s still a pretty property at a good price.

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