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Fremont Center Passive Solar, $279,000

38 william brown road fremont ny

This lovely passive solar number in the Sullivan County hamlet of Fremont Center has a whole lot going on for a very reasonable price: Over 2,500 square feet, open floor plan but lots of nooks and crannies, sun room, cathedral ceilings, covered porch, all kinds of windows and skylights, and there’s a barn on the 32-acre lot waiting to be transformed into some kind of cool, useful space. There’s a wood stove to help with heating in addition to all that passive solar heat collection.

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Freemont Contemporary with 57 Acres, $499,000 — Good for a Group!

So many of our readers have gone bananas over modern houses for sale in upstate New York that we’ve started to scour listings looking for them. I’m less successful at it than Upstate Jane, who has a great eye for both real estate and design. But this place piqued my interest. It was built in 1984, and thus has a certain dated postmodern feel going on, a mishmash of styles that works in some places and is less successful in others. Operative word is windows. Some of them, I love — that wall of windows, some of those modernized eyebrow windows. Others look a little outdated, but nonetheless I get the sense that this place has a soothing feel inside.

And outside…57 acres! Pond, woodlands, some pastureland. The selling point, in addition to the house, seems to be its potential to split the land up. They write, “The property has frontage on two roads, so could be subdivided, as follows:
Upper 25 acres: $129,000
Lower 25 acres: $119,000
House, barn, pond and remaining land: $249,000.”

How about seven acres and that house for $249,000? Seem reasonable? Stats on the jump.

38 William Brown Road, Freemont Center (Matthew J. Freda) GMAP
Asking Price: $499,00
Beds: 4
Baths: 3
Year Built: 1984
Land: 57 acres
Taxes: $7,871.00
Features: Dividable land, pond, barn, cathedral ceilings, sunroom

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