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Yulan Contemporary w/Lake Rights, $375,000

21 marko dr yulan ny

A house with lake rights isn’t the same as a lakefront house, as Sullivan County real estate agent David Knudsen helpfully explains on his website. Lake rights means the house is located in a lake community and you have access to the lake and all the amenities contained therein, but it’s not necessarily on the lake. And it probably doesn’t have views of the lake, but it might be cheaper because of that. This contemporary in Yulan is situated near Washington Lake in Sullivan County, and while it’s lake rights and not lakefront, it’s got plenty of land around it for privacy and general roaming about, getting in touch with nature. Lots of windows to let the outside in, and a big deck for entertaining/tree-gazing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Eldred Farmhouse, $299,000

98 crawford road eldred ny

This is a fairly new farmhouse, built in 2006, but we can see that care was taken to give the house some old-fashioned aspects, which give it the feel of an older house. Wide plank floors, a rustic brick fireplace, cheerful kitchen, and a big old wrap-around porch are some of the things that make this place attractive, and 5 acres of private land doesn’t hurt it, neither. Not a bad price, too. Only thing missing? An old ramshackle barn on the property. Ah, well. Eldred is a hamlet located in the Sullivan County town of Highland.

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A Shack to Call Your Own, $190,000

If an old Upstate New York farmhouse seems intimidating in size and price, Upstater has another suggestion. Catskill Farms, a Sullivan County-based builder (actually, a former New Yorker, absconded after 9/11),  creates what he calls “new old houses,” inspired by American vernacular architecture. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and are quite beautiful, full of light and have the appearance of something sturdy and liveable and homey and architecturally simple and just a little sleek. I likes.

But the one that caught my eye was Shack 2, the “single most revolutionary concept in housing to hit the region ever,” goes their humble copywriting. “How’s that for hyperbole?  Hopefully we can sell these for $150k.” Read the rest of this entry »

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