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Destinations: Won Dharma Center, Claverack

won dharma center

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes thoughts of renewal both in nature and spiritually-speaking. So we’ve been thinking about retreats and “mindfulness tourism”, which we touched on briefly in a recent post. If you’re soul is hankering for some pampering, not in the traditional mani-pedi/massage/whirpool kind of way, but in deeper, more navel-gazing way, perhaps the Won Dharma Center’s Buddhist Spring Retreat will do the trick. For two-and-a-half days, attendees will participate in the Buddhist practices of meditation and mindfulness with a focus on resilience. Instructors include Ven. Chung Ohun Lee, Ph.D, and the center’s lay teacher, Laura Samuels, who will instruct Tai Chi. The retreat is scheduled for April 11-13, beginning on Friday evening and wrapping up Sunday afternoon, perfect for those who work M-F 9-5. The cost for a single room plus 6 meals is $300 ($240 for center members), or you can bunk with other participants for $180 ($144 for members). Cheapest option of all is the commuter option for $100, but that sort of takes away from the whole “retreat” aspect of it. All the info is here on the event page.

The Won Dharma Center also offers a weekly schedule of meditation, yoga, and dharma services. The feel of the center itself is minimalistic and simple, which we love, which leaves visitors open to focus on both the external natural beauty of their surroundings and the internal workings of their own minds. The center is located on State Route 23, Claverack, Columbia County (GMAP). Get the weekly schedule and upcoming events here on their website. Curious about what exactly Won Buddhism entails? Here’s the low-down.

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Perfect House Candidate #1: Claverack Colonial


We’ve decided to take our cues this week from the reader in search of the perfect house.

If you recall, the criteria were:

  • waterfront (pond or lake, or, heck, river)
  • mountain views
  • not too close to neighbors
  • close enough to a down with decent coffee and good groceries
  • preferably somewhere between rhinebeck and hillsdale
  • in the $300,000 range

Is this it? Well, the price is right, it has a pond, skipping distance to Hudson, which has culture and coffee but is still working on the groceries. It sits on 10 acres, so satisfies the neighbor-distance requirement.

The house has some upgrades, though we’re not necessarily fond of them (we might rustic-ify that Formica in the kitchen, for instance), and it seems like it could use help in a couple of places, like the banner-less staircase and the wall-to-wall. But could it be just what our reader was looking for?

It has four beds, two baths and 2,300 square feet — plenty of room for visitors. And it’s $250,000. The one question is about the Taconic, which is pleasantly close for travel purposes, but hopefully not unpleasantly close for sound purposes.

71 Palmer Road, Claverack. Old Ghent Realty. GMAP.

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Friday Fancy: Grange Hall in Claverack, $2,350,000

Sure, we found some million dollar farm houses on the market in Ghent this week, and they’re nice, but in our eyes, they didn’t quite rise to the level of fanciness that we’ve come to enjoy on Fridays. This grange hall in Claverack, however, is a knock-out. Although lacking in the usual Friday Fancy bells and whistles (pools, guesthouses, outdoor kitchens, etc), the view of the Catskill Mountains from this Greek Revival hall took our breath away. Also loving the big open floor plan, the patios, and the granite fireplace. According to the listing, this is one of 6 homes built on 300 acres in the Catskill View Preserve. Simply stunning.

Catskill View Road, Claverack (Gabel Real Estate) GMAP

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Six Months Later: Passive House, Still $675,000

We still love this place, and are firm believers in the promise of PassiveHaus technology–a house so sealed up that it needs very little heating or cooling, among other attributes.

Yet it seems no one is as excited about it as we are, or not enough to plunk down the cash. Yes, it’s pricey for 1,650 square feet, but it’s not just any three-bed, two-bath: it’s a model of the future! It’s also in Claverack, lovely countryside just outside of happening Hudson. It was $675,000 six months ago, and they’re sticking to that price.

349 Millbrook Road, Claverack. $675,000. GMAP.

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