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Claryville Log Cabin, $275,000

5655 red hill road claryville ny

It’s only 950 square feet, but we like to think of the 20 acres upon which it sits a gigantic living room/play room/gym for at least some of the year. Listing states that a trail on the property leads down to the Neversink River.

Its diminutive size makes this cabin in Claryville look as cozy as can be, and when we close our eyes and picture ourselves living here (as we do with so many of the houses we write about here on Upstater), we imagine snow softly landing on pine trees while a fire roars in the fireplace, keeping us snug in our quaint Catskills abode.

5655 red hill road claryville ny2

5655 red hill road claryville ny3

5655 red hill road claryville ny4

5655 red hill road claryville ny5

5655 red hill road claryville ny6

Beds: 2

Baths: 1

Square Feet: 950

Taxes: $4682

5655 Red Hill Road, Claryville (Country House Realty) GMAP

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Claryville Farmhouse + Modern Addition, $349,000

1481 denning road claryville ny

It might be slightly schizophrenic, and we’re not sure how we feel about the look of the exterior, but we really like the both the modern addition’s interior and the original farmhouse…at least, when we view them as separate entities. We also fancy the impressively sleek kitchen, the wall of windows in the living room overlooking the property’s 1.3 acres, and the wide plank floors of the farmhouse portion.

According to the listing, the farmhouse was in disrepair and rescued by the person who designed the addition, and while we’re still on the fence about the look of them both together, we can certainly appreciate its boldness. The farmhouse dates back to 1847, while the addition was built in 2009. What do you make of the juxtaposition of new and old?

1481 denning road claryville ny2

1481 denning road claryville ny3

1481 denning road claryville ny4

1481 denning road claryville ny5

1481 denning road claryville ny6

Beds: 3

Baths: 2

Square Feet: 1710

Taxes: $5,415

1481 Denning Road, Claryville (Country House Realty) GMAP

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