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Five-Figure Friday: Bovina Cottage, $99,000

marvs acres bovina ny

If you’re looking for an inexpensive slice of seclusion in Bovina, this might be the place for you. While $99,000 might seem relatively on the expensive side of a 2 bed/1 bath 800 square foot seasonal cabin up in Delaware County, keep in mind that it also comes with lots of land, 42 acres worth. Includes a wood stove, sleeping loft in addition to the 2 full bedrooms, outside storage space, and a deck upon which to sit and survey all of your land.

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Camp/Retreat Center in Bovina, $1.5 million

2121 county highway 5 bovina ny7

It seems that this 300-guest camp and retreat center has been lots of things in the past: We found it as the Lynnskill Retreat Center, and before that, Camp Move It, which apparently has a bit of a checkered past. We love the look of the buildings on the 50 acre property, and the surroundings are lovely (as you can in the above picture). Here’s what’s included in the 1.5 mill price tag: All together, it’s a 35,000 square foot camp with a main lodge, carriage house, barn, and dormitory. From the GMAP, it looks like there’s also a pool and tennis courts on the property. The main house is 6,000 square feet. The photos we found are odd. They only seem to show one portion of the whole, and the pictures are black and white with color added in. Very odd choice for real estate photos (we do not recommend; just stick with high-quality, straight forward photos). So what do think? Ready to open up your own resort/camp/retreat in Delaware County?

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Destinations: Two Old Tarts Bakery, Bovina Center

two old tarts

Photo from Two Old Tarts website

A thoughtful, vigilant reader brought to our attention that we were remiss in not mentioning this bakery in our brief Hamlet of the Week post on Monday (although we have mentioned the place before in a previous post). Imagine our chagrin! Since we are here to serve, we’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to Two Old Tarts Bakery in Bovina Center. Sadly, we haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Two Old Tarts, but we understand it’s gotten quite a bit of press over the years. In fact, it even garnered a mention in the “Opinionator” on NYT back in 2012. The owners, Scott Finely and John Schulman, hail from other places but discovered the magic of the Catskills a while back, met cute in 2001, fell in love, and decided to open a bakery together in 2012.

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Bovina Farmhouse + Shop, $185,000

1791 county highway 6 bovina ny

Here’s another reasonably priced twofer in Bovina Center: A cute Colonial farmhouse plus a 1,100 square foot shop with its own electricity and heat. Main house has a brick fireplace in the living room and a cool wood-burning cooktop in one of the kitchens. Yes, according to the listing, there are two kitchens (can you imagine how much easier holidays would be with two kitchens?). The shop could either remain a shop or, we suspect, turned into a guest cottage. Two shade tree plopped right in front of the main house gives you a semblance of privacy, but only seasonally. The property is located on County Road 6, which is the main drag through the hamlet. Take a gander at the GMAP Streetview. It gives a better idea of what the street-facing part of the main house looks like, which is pretty gosh-darn adorable, pardon our language.

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