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Royce Pond Contemporary, $389,000

92 royce road kauneonga lake ny

The contemporary log cabin look is not really a favorite of ours, but this one pulls it off in a Twin Peaks kind of way that we can dig. And the master bedroom, shown after the jump, is our favorite thing about this house. Or is it the enclosed porch? Or is it the pool? Or is it the view of the pond? Or the fact that it’s on nearly 13 acres, a rarity for a lake house (well, pond house, if you want to get technical). According to the listing, the house comes furnished, or just pack your swim trunks and move right in. Royce Pond is located near Kauneonga Lake in Sullivan County, a few minutes from Bethel.

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Max Yasgur’s Dairy Barn, $1.95 million

613 west shore road bethel ny

You know how some people say that Nicholas Cage married Lisa Marie Presley because he was such a huge Elvis fan that he wanted to obtain the ultimate collector’s item? This is is sort of how we picture this barn, located in Bethel: If you’re a huge 1969 Woodstock history buff/fan, Max Yasgur’s dairy barn might be your ultimate collector’s item. Currently set up as B&B, the barn sits on the location of Woodstock ’69, which was (for our younger readers) on Max Yasgur’s farm. Once upon a time, Mr. Yasgur was the largest dairy producer in Sullivan County, and when the locals caught wind of his allowing a bazillion unwashed hippies to decent upon his farm for a three-day concert, they tried to boycott his products. Meanwhile, it’s not like Yasgur wasn’t getting paid for providing a site for the event. The rent the organizers ponied up for his barn helped offset the rough production year he just had. Anyway, as you can see, the barn has been extensively renovated to accommodate a B&B (although we’re scratching our heads over the 1 full bath, 5 half-baths info in the listing), and it’s walking distance to Bethel Woods. Here’s what the barn used to look like in the old days, with Mr. Yasgur in the foreground:

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100 Miles NW: Wagging Tail Yoga

One Hundred Miles NW is a blog by Sullivan County lover and resident, Gabby Scott Ingber, who writes about the joys of the Western Catskills (and also about great, eco-friendly products). This week: a review of a yoga studio in Bethel.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 11.17.59 AM

This past weekend, I went for my second yoga class at Wagging Tail Yoga Studio in Bethel, NY. The classes are lead by Ora Ramat, a certified yoga instructor who has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. The classes are vinyasa flow based and are relaxing and strenuous at the same time.

The atmosphere is so relaxing that it’s hard to focus on anything other than breathing (and zoning out!). Ora is extremely aware of the different skill sets in her classes, and takes special notice to each individual by adjusting positions and poses. Poses include sun salutation, downward dog, warrior II & III, cat, tree, cobra, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wanna Be a Bethel Woods Volunteer?


Woodstock fans, Sullivan County residents and lovers of the arts: Bethel Woods is looking for volunteers for the 2013 season. Orientation starts March 9 (others on 3/21 and 6/8) at 9AM.

Here’s more info from a press release that wound up in our inbox:

New volunteers are asked to complete an online application, which can be found at www.bethelwoodscenter.org/volunteers. Additional details about volunteering can be acquired by calling the Volunteer Services office or by attending the upcoming Volunteer Open House.

A Volunteer Open House will take place on April 23rd at 5:30 pm at the Museum at Bethel Woods. Occurring during National Volunteer Appreciation Week, this event enables current Bethel Woods Volunteers to share their passion with friends, family, and members of the public interested in volunteering at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. If interested in attending the Open House, please call the Volunteer Services office at 845.295.2626 or email volunteers@bethelwoodscenter.org.

Bethel Woods’ commitment to supporting the community and the arts while offering top notch entertainment, cultural and educational programming experiences makes it a natural magnet for volunteerism. Volunteering at Bethel Woods provides access to an array of experiences and interpersonal connections that can enhance one’s personal, academic and professional life.

For more information about Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, please visit www.BethelWoodsCenter.org or call 1.866.781.2922.

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