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Rental of the Week: Barrytown Queen Anne Victorian, $3,000/month

12 wildey road barrytown ny

Who doesn’t love a fancy Victorian rental less than a mile from the Hudson River? We sure do. There’s not much to the hamlet of Barrytown itself, other than easy access to lots of stuff in Dutchess County (Poet’s Walk, Bard College, the village of Red Hook), but it is part of the Hudson River Historic District, and you know what that means: Pretty houses, lots of greenery. The nice thing about this Queen Anne is that it comes with the stately furnishing. It’s also located on nearly 3 acres, and the landscaping looks top-notch. Available starting October 1st. Added Bonus: The property owner provides housekeeping. Go on, we’re listening…

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Rental of the Week: Barrytown Beauty, $1,800/month

The hamlet of Barrytown in Red Hook, Dutchess County, sure is small, but they’re big on great houses. The whole place is situated within the Hudson River Historic District, and one of its most historic properties is the Unification Theological Seminary, founded by, you guessed it, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Take that with you to your next Trivia Night.

Anyway, this eyebrow Victorian rental property is not affiliated to any religion, unless you consider drooling over adorable houses a religion…and we kinda do. And there’s plenty to drool over here. Everything’s a little rustic and rough-hewn, and the kitchen is a delightful throw-back. Love the porch, the landscaping, and the generous 2000-square foot size.

One warning, though: If you look on the GMAP (location is approximate, but you can find the house is if you scroll around and look), you can see is right on the corner of Barrytown Road and River Road, so it’s close to both roads. Really close, which raises noise concerns. Otherwise, the location is good: It’s close to Bard College and the river front. Lease is one year, and can be rented unfurnished or partially furnished.

 River Road and County Rd 82, Barrytown (Gary DiMauro) GMAP (address approx.)

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Six Months Later: Barrytown Victorian, $25,000 less

Several friends of Upstater have gone in person to see this Barrytown Victorian, which we wrote up last March, with high hopes, and have returned without becoming home owners. We haven’t quite figured out why, but they’re clearly not alone. The location looks decent, at the end of a dead end street, and the house is a certifiable charmer, according to the photos. It originally debuted at $549,000, but was last sold in 2002 for $534,000, according to Property Shark. It was last listed at $399,000, but the broker says it’s now rented and not currently for sale.
38 Wildey Rd, Barrytown, NY. GMAP

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Be-decked Barrytown Victorian for $424,000

This 1880 Victorian charmer had to be owned by a Bard professor, and not only because it’s just down the road from the college. It has that tasteful but still personal look of someone who has decided opinions about books and accent walls and gas ranges. (Wolf for the latter, in case you wanted to know.) Does it come with tenure, by the way?

The place has a lot of nice country house features too: multiple decks, a wood stove and a fireplace, a separate work studio, established gardens. Barrytown is lovely: it’s part of the town of Red Hook, but has it’s own eccentric vibe and history. You could send your kids to the good Red Hook schools, but still walk to events at Bard and claim a Steely Dan song as part of your local legacy. The feel of Barrytown is tucked-away-rural, just a couple small roads and farms, and then the glorious Hudson River. The main drawback, though, is unlike with some of the other Red Hook properties we’ve highlighted this week, you really couldn’t walk to the “village.” And as Lisa mentioned, Red Hook prices are in the same ballpark of those with train stops of their own. But being in Barrytown, this particular property is close to the Rhinecliff train stop.

Speaking of price, this house has been on and off the market for about a year, with periodic price cuts. It debuted at $549,000 last September, so the current ticket ticket price is a substantial reduction. Stats and more pics on the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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