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Destinations: Open Garden Days in the HV

kevin lee jacobs

Kevin Lee Jacobs’ April garden, Valatie, Columbia County

There are a multitude of places where growing things reach up to kiss the sun, and most of us will never see them. Why? Because these places exist as people’s private home gardens, and unless you receive an invitation, you’ll never know what beauties live there. Thanks to the Garden Conservancy’s Open Garden Days, however, we can finally explore these tucked-away oases and take in their gorgeousness with our very own eyes.

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Which Veggies to Plant in April (and where to get help doing it)


Not our garden, but someday!

If you’ve been wondering why you’ve been hearing the angels singing this past week, it’s because it’s April! Time to start digging in the ground and getting dirt under our fingernails. Now, we openly admit that, when it comes to vegetable gardening, our green thumbs are less green and more a wilted shade of brown, but that doesn’t stop us from giving gardening a go every year, even if it’s just planting some lettuce and tomatoes in our meager container garden (we rent, so we make do). And every year, we manage to plant something at the wrong time, or we crowd our plants together so nothing really grows, or we don’t weed enough, etc. And every year, we vow to learn more and improve on what we’ve done in the past. Perhaps you’re in the same boat.  If you’re unsure about what should be going into the ground this month (remaining cautious of unexpected frosts, of course), here’s a quick and dirty list courtesy the Urban Farmer website:

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Which Woodstock Writers Festival Event Should You Attend?


The Woodstock Writers Festival kicked off yesterday, and while just about every workshop scheduled for the weekend is already sold out, there’s still plenty of time to catch a discussion, interview, keynote speech, or party between tonight and Sunday. But with so many good things happening, how does one choose? Let us help you out by breaking it down:

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Destinations: Chronogram Dance Party, April 26th

chronogram dance party

What better way to kick off spring then by kicking off your Sunday shoes? Inexcusable Footloose comparisons aside, the Chronogram Dance Party happening on April 26th starting at 8pm until question mark? Because things with an end time of question mark? always seem to be the most happening shindigs. Anyway, DJ Dave Leonard and Carlos The Sun will be spinning the tunes, the Yum Yum Noodle truck will be doling out the snacks, and there will be plenty of adult libations, including beer from Chatham Brewing and wine from Benmarl Winery. Tickets are $10 (buy them here) and every ticket purchased gives the recipient the chance to win a Boitson’s Restaurant gift certificate. Come on out to 8 N. Front Street, Kingston (GMAP) and shake a tail feather, as the kids like to say (they still say that, right?). We hear there might be a disco ball.

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