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Old Plaster Walls


Plaster walls in one of the bedrooms

Plaster walls in one of the bedrooms


After a slightly longer hiatus than we planned, the Weekenders are back!  We had a great summer with a successfully pulled-off wedding that included great music, tasty food, and of course a fabulous location (our barn). Then we got totally caught up in gardening and yard work through the amazing Indian summer we had this year with tomatoes and zucchini into October. Now that winter has really set in with 4 degrees on the day after Thanksgiving, we’re gearing up for some more house projects including figuring out what to do with some old plaster walls.

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By: Kim | 6 December 2013 12:00 PM | 4 Comments

The Crowdsourced Kitchen, Part 1: The Floors

We have a special project here at Upstater: a tiny kitchen that has to be remodeled. Not the fun kind of remodeling, in which you get to create some version of your dream kitchen, but the challenge of the reluctant landlord: fix the decay and get the place in working condition enough to sell it. Which means: go cheap. As we discussed yesterday, it’s got to look good enough to sell, but chances are the new owners will want to start over, so why invest much?

Floors are a particular challenge, especially when you’ve wasted an embarrassing number of hours ogling reclaimed white oak on Houzz. This calls for vinyl: marmoleum, maybe, or else sheets of the stuff. We found some beautiful retro vinyl sheet flooring, but it’s in the U.K., and prohibitively expensive to import.

Zazous Retro Vinyl Flooring

Zazous Retro Vinyl Flooring

More options, and the one we’re leaning toward, after the jump.

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By: lisa | 2 July 2013 02:00 PM | 5 Comments

An Upstate Farmhouse, Reborn


We caught this amazing kitchen in the pages of Dwell, and a little mouse work led us to this: Givone Home, remodeler of the Floating Farmhouse. It was a “sinking ship” when the owner got it (check out the “before” pic after the jump). Now: almost too beautiful to look at without feeling bad about wherever you live currently.

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By: lisa | 11 June 2013 12:00 PM | 2 Comments

The Weekenders: Renovation Remnants

Kenmore range

70′s era range we removed from the kitchen


This past week, the final pieces were completed on our renovation.  We were waiting on some backordered lights, and we finally found a solution for the master bathroom vanity top that we’re happy with.   During the renovation, we removed a bunch of stuff from both of the bathrooms we had redone and from the kitchen in the apartment upstairs.  A lot of the stuff we took out was old and not working and/or ugly, so it got taken to the dump.   The town inspector salvaged  some cabinets, some paneling and some wood, and our contractor built a crib from wood he took up from the hall floor – so some stuff did get re-used.

But there were a few items that were still in good working order, or not damaged or were nice, but just didn’t fit into the style of what we did.  We didn’t want to just throw this perfectly good stuff away, so instead, we stuck it in the barn with the intention to sell it or give it away, where it’s been sitting for the past three months.

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By: Kim | 7 June 2013 12:00 PM | 1 Comment