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Is Beacon Done?


That’s the feeling we’ve been getting from folks who are on the Brooklyn-Beacon-Newburgh trajectory. They left Brooklyn for Beacon, seeking affordable housing and an artsy community with good transit to the city. Now they’re priced out of Beacon and heading over to Newburgh, where there are still bargains to be had. Beacon is Discovered, they say, with all the good and the bad that accompanies a place with hype.

There are still affordable places in Beacon, as you can see from the Trulia snapshot above, but they tend to be underwhelming, places that don’t necessarily have those good bones old house buffs are always looking for. There are a lot of newer homes, some suburban in style and feel (nothing wrong with that, of course, but those looking for old world charm might not cotton to them). Has all the good stuff gotten snatched up in Beacon? Has it reached its apogee? Or is there still room for new blood and room for improvement?

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What’s the Best Time Sell a House Upstate?


That’s a question from a friend of Upstater, who has a sweet Greene County cottage that she’s ready to offer to the next buyer, after several years of enjoying it herself. Should she ready it for fall foliage season, or wait until spring, when New Yorkers are dreaming of country escapes again?

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Looking to Buy? Take a RUPCO Class First

rupco stuyvesant

Stuyvesant Hotel, Kingston, rehabilitated by RUPCO

The Rural Ulster Preservation Company (RUPCO) is perhaps best known as the organization that renovates old buildings around Ulster County, like the historic Kirkland Hotel, which is now a stunning commercial property in uptown Kingston. The Kirkland is also where RUPCO holds its Homeownership Orientation classes, one of which we attended just a couple of weeks ago. The RUPCO Homeownership Orientation classes take place twice a month and are free-of-charge. Just make sure you call and reserve a spot before you go. The class is about an hour long, taught by a knowledgeable and highly-enthusiastic member of the RUPCO staff, and it covers the basics of buying a house in Ulster County, including the benefits of owning your own home over renting, what you’ll need to purchase a home, what your credit report means and what’s included on it, and how much you can afford to spend based on your income. It’s nuts-and-bolts stuff, but if you’re considering purchasing your first home in Ulster County, it’s an invaluable tool to walk you through what to expect from the whole occasionally-confounding process.

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Are Buyers Going Big in the Catskills?


We ask because over on the Sullivan County Real Estate Blog, there’s talk of a shift in what buyers are looking for. The past few years, as the economy melted down, buyers were going for small and energy efficient. Now, he writes, “I’ve been getting a lot more requests for bigger houses, with four or more bedrooms and plenty of elbow room for extended family and houseguests. A lot of buyers have been looking for houses with big kitchens, open entertaining spaces and high volume ceilings.”

Is the recession over upstate, or in New York City for that matter? Or are people just loosening up and going for their dream houses? Either way, the supply needs a bit of a boost to keep up with demand for larger houses in upstate New York. “Unfortunately, whle interest in bigger houses is up, there aren’t a lot of good bigger houses on the market,” he writes. And with a focus on building tiny dwellings in New York City, perhaps there’s more of an interest in spreading out upstate.

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