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Pine Plains Retro Cabin, $200/night

519 lake rd pine plains ny

The season rental market in the Hudson Valley can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many choices of all varieties of styles in even the tiniest of towns, so we often find ourselves randomly clicking through HomeAway.com or VBRO, blissfully unencumbered by neither rhyme nor reason, knowing we’ll soon hit upon a thumbnail that leads to something cool. Here’s one such random click, a 1950s retro cabin on Twin Island Lake in the Dutchess County town of Pine Plains. The interior is rustic and quirky, the type of place where it’s completely fine to make a mess in the kitchen (some of the swankier places we find make us nervous, like we’d feel as if we’re staying inside of a very chi-chi furniture store, terrified of mussing up the picture-perfect kitchen). Outside, we pictured kids running around and playing in the fern-carpeted forest while we lounged in a hammock. Twin Island Lake is right across the road, and there’s a private canoe launch, canoe provided. While Twin Island Lake is more of a boating and fishing lake, Stissing Pond is less than a mile away, where you can go swimming at Stissing Lake Park. Cabin also includes an outdoor shower, but you won’t find a phone or TV. However, according to the reviews, there are some decent local radio stations, which guests can enjoy on the cottage’s high-end radio. Kicking it old school…except for that whole “WiFi available” thing.

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Rosendale Bali House, $6000/month

hv bali house2

We’ve been looking for an excuse to post about this house in Rosendale for months now. It’s cropped up in our searches because it was on the market until the beginning of this year, when some very smart people with good taste scooped it up and made the fabulous rental property you see before you. This slice of Zen is situate on its own stream-fed pond (perfect for swimming. Who needs a pool?), and the interior is resplendent with detailed Balinese carvings throughout. Also included: High bamboo ceilings, an outdoor shower, wrap-around patio, and a meditation sanctuary with a nearly 360 degree view of the pond outside. Yes, $6000/month is a lot, but it accommodates 8, and it’s close to Rosendale, Kingston, High Falls, Stone Ridge, and New Paltz. Or, if you’d rather keep it shorter and cheaper, you could pay $300-$350/night, two night minimum stay.

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Callicoon Victorian, $119,000

54 upper main street callicoon ny

As if you need another reason to like Callicoon, but here’s one, anyway, in the form of an inexpensive 3 bed/1.5 bath hamlet house that was just recently put on the market. It appears to be in great condition, with lots of good stuff like wood floors, a pellet stove in the living room (speaking of the living room, is that shelving unit/entertainment center built in?), French doors, bay windows, and a sharp kitchen. It’s also been neatly landscaped with attractive plantings and stone retaining walls. Close to the Callicoon Creek, and walking distance to Callicoon, which is a wee charming hamlet, indeed. Floodsmart.gov gives this house a high-risk rating for flooding due to its proximity to the creek.

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Five-Figure Friday: Maplecrest Cottage, $99,000

435 county rt 40 maplecrest ny

Maplecrest is a hamlet in Greene County about 4 miles south east of Windham Mountain. This cottage is located along the Batavia Creek, which puts it at high-risk for flooding, but if you’re willing to take the plunge (so to speak), it’s a nicely-renovated house with radiant heat, heating timers, and an on-demand water heating system. Size is less than 1000 square feet, but the high ceilings make it seem more spacious. The house is connected to the garage via breezeway, and it’s all on a full acre of land off of a pretty country road close to ski mountains and outdoor fun.

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