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Leaf Peeping Season Has Begun

Photo by Liz Nealon/via Flickr/Creative Commons license

Photo by Liz Nealon/via Flickr/Creative Commons license

Along with the crisp weather comes this news from the Associated Press: “Leaf peeping season is starting in parts of New York state.”

No need to tell us, since we spent much of the weekend lolling in the Dutchess County grass and noting the crimson leaves trickling down. In the more northerly areas, 15% of the leaves should change by this weekend. The rest of the state, a mere 10%. But 10% crimson is better than none, right?


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The Relocators: Let’s play a game of ‘what is it’


I’ve been eyeing this plant since early spring when it started poking it’s leaves up through the ground. It grows right next to our house and for the longest time it actually looked like a cabbage or something. Read the rest of this entry »

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Unlocking the Secret of Upstate Swimming Holes


Photo from visitvortex.com

Swimming holes are sacred places. Those who find them tell only a few trusted souls of their whereabouts, which is why this story from the NY Times is kind of a great service and kind of a giant bummer — now all tens of thousands of you know some of our favorite watery escapes. Oh well. See you there, we guess.

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Rugged Babe on Car-Free Upstate Escapes

Rugged Babe is successful relocator who will opine here on the joys and less-than-joys of country living. 

As a (former) New York City resident for seven long and roach-filled years, I know the importance of escaping from the city for a little bit of nature and relaxation. I also know the importance of getting away from NYC without a car. And even with a car — you don’t always want to venture too far.

Here are some spots that make it easy to get your outdoor fix. All day-trip visits, all perfectly feasible without a car, not that expensive or treacherous.

Rockefeller State Park Preserve – Westchester

Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Take the Metro-North to Tarrytown, then spend about $25 (ridiculous!) on a cab ride to the park. Make sure to ask your driver for a business card in case you get stranded without a ride back to the Metro-North station later.

The park has a lovely visitor center with self-composting toilets. Yuck-fest, yes, but kind of cool, too. There’s also a mini art gallery for you to stroll around while you wait for your hiking buddy to finish filling their self-composting toilet. Take a trail map and you’ll be on your way. Read the rest of this entry »

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