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Favorite Radio Stations in Upstate NY

photo by Muffet/via Flickr/creative commons license

photo by Muffet/via Flickr/creative commons license

Yes, Pandora follows you wherever you go, but if you’re listening to good old fashioned radio, there are a few gems of radio stations in upstate New York. It’s all subjective, of course, but here are some of our favorite radio destinations.

If you’e a fan of Americana (or listen to WFUV when you’re in southern NY), classic rock and the occasional local talk show, check out Radio Woodstock, 100.1. You can even hear some Upstater writers chatting about the site.

WKZE, 98.1, out of Red Hook promises musical diversity. Check out their playlists for proof.

WHDD, 103.3, — AKA Robinhood Radio– is a good NPR alternative. It’s got some of the familiar NPR shows, plus everything from classical music to dog talk. Their motto: “slightly off but very good.”
Did we miss your favorites? Please tell us. And if you’re a podcast fan, check out Chronogram editor Brian Mahoney’s weekly chat with Hudson Valley movers and shakers.


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The Relocators: Towne Crier Cafe is Open in Beacon

Get ready Beacon! After 9 long months of waiting since the original announcement on New Year’s Eve, The Town Crier Cafe has finally opened its doors in Beacon NY. The weekend of September 27 was considered a ‘soft opening’ for the cafe, with it’s official opening the first weekend of October.

Mark and I visited on Sunday night and enjoyed a few hours of eclectic music by a NYC band called Tribecastan. Awesome music and a fun time was had by all.


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Upstater Destinations: Two Groovy Music Festivals



Summer might be on its way out the door, but the outdoor music festivals haven’t called it a day just yet. In fact, there are two of them happening this weekend in the Catskills, so take your pick: Will you attend the Catskill Chill Music Festival, or are you more of a Drum Boogie Festival type? Perhaps you’ll try to hit both

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Upstater Destinations: The Bard Spiegeltent


Back in our younger days (just a few years ago, before you start making cracks about dinosaurs roaming the earth, etc.), we used to go to Bard College’s Spiegeltent late at night, after the dinner service was over, after the main acts had already performed their encores, and we would dance the night away, tipsy on white sangria that came from industrial-sized coolers, served in plastic cups. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to party quite that hearty, but the Spiegeltent remains a unique summer fixture, year after year, ever-youthful with twinkling lights and all the whimsy of a gypsy carnival that rolled into town under cover of darkness…and just as fleeting.

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