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From the Forum: FSBO on MLS?


A reader has posted a question in the Forum: How can he get his For Sale By Owner listing added to his local Multiple Listing Service. Any ideas? Reply to his questions here. And, as always, you can post your own upstate New York-related questions over in the Forum.

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By: lisa | 11 October 2013 12:00 PM | 1 Comment

From the Forum: In Search of Rooms in Hudson


Readers, can you help? An Upstater has posted in the Forum that she’s in search of accommodations.

“My two dogs and I are relocating from Brooklyn to Hudson in September. Are there any houses with rooms available? I also have a baby on the way due in January so a farmhouse close to the train or another young family living in the home would be ideal.”


Ask and answer your upstate New York-related questions in the Forum.

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From the Forum: Favorite Dinner Spots Along the Taconic?

Aurelia Restaurant, Millbrook, NY

Aurelia Restaurant, Millbrook, NY

Readers, can you help your fellow Upstaters who posted a question in the Forum? These folks bought a house in the lovely town of Chatham, and want suggestions of where to stop along the way for chow. We’re thinking Millbrook might do the trick, what with its Hamptons-lite feel.

We admit that we’ve ever actually been in the Aurelia restaurant in Millbrook, for instance, but we’ve gaped from the sidewalk and thought, “That looks like a nice place to sup.”

Any other ideas of snacking spots between NYC and Chatham?

Ask and answer questions about upstate New York in the Forum.

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By: lisa | 3 July 2013 12:00 PM | 1 Comment

From the Forum: First-Time Buyer Questions

For so many of us, the actual purchase of a house in upstate New York is a mystery. Which is why these Upstater readers have posted their query in our Forum. 


1, Does one need a buyer’s agent in the process of purchasing a home or is dealing with the seller’s agent enough? Would a lawyer, rather than an agent, be better?

2, How much did the property taxes play a role in your own decision to buy in a specific area?

3, Is there some standard amount below the asking price that is considered reasonable to derive a first offer?


Readers, can you help?

And please feel free to post your own questions and answers about upstate New York over in the Forum.

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By: lisa | 30 May 2013 03:00 PM | 4 Comments