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There Are Two Ways to Move Upstate


One is to do so well in the city that you no longer need to live there — your business or your art or your jingle-writing career has taken off to the point where you’re in such demand that you don’t have to show up at the local shmooze-fest and charm people into hiring you (this is not auto-biographical at all, we swear).

The other is to be willing to live with, and work for, less — to choose from the limited palate of job opportunities and value the fresh air, the affordable real estate, the community, the access to nature and culture and the chance to see actual stars in the sky, more than you value a city-sized paycheck. We know lots of folks who have chosen this path, and they seem pretty darned happy. (They also seem to have picked up a lot of actual handy skills, which few city folk have).

Okay, fine, we’re leaving out lots of other ways, the most obvious being telecommuting, and the slightly less obvious being opening your own upstate business — seeing what’s needed and filling that hole with your own entrepreneurial prowess. Are there other ways to drag our butts north that we haven’t thought of?

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The Upstate Conundrum: Jobs Jobs Jobs


image from Inequality for All

Some Upstaters ventured to a screening of the film “Inequality for All” last night: a documentary based on the work of former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. You can guess what it’s about. Yep: tax breaks for the wealthy, union busting, stagnant wages for the middle class and huge spikes in income for, you got it, the 1%. All this means that the middle class spends less, businesses lay off workers, and… you know the rest of the story. It’s a vicious cycle, and the middle class pays the price.  (By the way, the film, and these facts, are a-political. It’s simply a timeline, beautifully rendered, of what happened to our economy and why).

All this brings us around to a recent email from a reader: “Maybe you could research employment ideas for the area. We certainly need more jobs and if you could push some of the opportunities upstate, that would help everybody.” We’d love to push those opportunities but…what are they? We’ve written about the yogurt industry boom upstate (a bit west of the territory we normally cover, though). If there are opportunities out there, please tell us!

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Diary of a Transplant: Upstate Employment

Photo from Flickr/gottgraphicsdesign/creative commons

Photo from Flickr/gottgraphicsdesign/creative commons

When you first move upstate, you’re all, wow we have so much money!  And, stuff’s so cheap! The economy up here is just so different than it is in the city.

Then you start to adjust, and start having to pay for all the extra things you need up here. Another car. Property taxes. Garbage pick up. 100 bales of hay. Full fuel tanks (for the car and the house). Hay. Firewood. A new horse. Animal feed. Another 100 bales of  hay. Lumber for your many building projects. The vet bill for the sick goat. You get the idea.

Sure, real estate is cheap compared to the city. But taxes and fuel aren’t (and neither is farming). These unavoidable expenses cast a pall on the economy up here. Add that to the fact that abundance of jobs that exist in the city just isn’t happening up here, and you start to understand why there is so much poverty upstate.

Now, when I go down to the city for work every week, I am amazed by the bustling economy that once seemed normal to me. Restaurants packed on Monday nights! Luxury foods stacked high in boutique grocery stores like Union Market. Boutique grocery stores! Groovy clothing stores with $300 purses. Park Slopers everywhere in new clothes and expensive shoes. After the jump, what former downstaters are doing for work up here. Read the rest of this entry »

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An Upstate Plant for Apple?

Flickr/creative commons/Thomas Brownwell

Not to get your hopes up or anything, but we thought we’d pass along this bit of news from Computerworld: Apple may be eyeing some property in upstate New York for a new factory. “If you read between the lines of comments New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo made last week, you could infer that Apple is eying a site in upstate New York for a manufacturing plant that would allow it to wean itself from Samsung.”

So, no official announcement, but Cuomo has been trying to lure high-tech to upstate, and we love the idea (assuming that it won’t, you know, pollute the water and such). Because, as we all know, upstate needs jobs, and what prevents many downstaters from relocating is the lack of them.

Where do you think would be the best spot for an Apple factory? There needs to be enough density to find good workers, but low taxes, plentiful and affordable commercial real estate, and maybe a little something in the transportation department.

We’d love to see something like this in Sullivan County. What about you?

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