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Country House Checklist: Appropriate Lighting

henry's fixtures

Light fixtures at Henry’s at the Farm, Buttermilk Falls Inn

A recent trip to Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa in Milton inspired us to think about light fixtures. Yes, it’s true: Appropriate fixtures can make or break a space, and we are happy to report that Buttermilk Falls Inn gets it just right. Depicted above was our favorite example of the inn’s lighting, located in Henry’s Restaurant on campus at the inn. In case you can’t quite make out what’s happening here, those are old-fashioned light bulbs, the kind with the filament that glows a deep amber and provides a mellow, unobtrusive glow. They’re surrounded by giant antique wine jugs. Brilliant. Here are more examples of drool-worthy lighting:

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Country House Checklist: The Sleeping Loft

Inspired by our recent stay at a bungalow colony, and doubling back to last week’s focus on cottages, we decided to investigate sleeping loft designs. We found the sleeping loft we stayed in was not only good fun for kids and grownups alike, but also incredibly handy for adding bodies without drastically increasing square footage. (If you’re a stickler for building codes around sleeping lofts, well, we’re not addressing that, okay?)

After the jump, you’ll find some inspirational images of sleeping lofts. In this heat, we’re ready to climb into one right now. Of course, it’s way hotter in the sleeping loft.
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Country House Checklist: Water Features


We recently found this article in the Poughkeepsie Journal detailing the joys of adding water features to your landscaping, which made us want a water feature of our own pretty badly, and we’ve been obsessing over them for quite some time before this article came out. Our hankering was further piqued by some pictures a friend of ours took of their own water feature situated in the backyard of their Ann Arbor, Michigan abode:

susanna's water feature

Our Michigan friends are handy, so they built this themselves, which makes us long to construct one with our own two hands. Perhaps. Maybe the DIY Network can help us construct our own. Have you built your own? We’re dying to see it, so let us know. Meanwhile, cue the eye candy…

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Country House Checklist: Screened-In Porches

Yesterday’s post about the joys of sleeping porches got us dreaming of the perfect porch. We are partial to open front porches, preferably with mountain views, and we also like a deck off the back. So where does a screened-in porch fit in? Off to the side? Right off the kitchen, for summertime bug-free meals? Can you have a place with all three of these outdoor spaces or is that architectural madness? You tell us. In the meantime, we’re researching porches. See a bunch of cool ones below. Read the rest of this entry »

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