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Bungalow Colonies for the Single and Childless?


Readers, your fellow Upstater-reader has a question. “I’m really interested in the bungalow life, but I’m 32, single with no kids. The idea of owning a bungalow in a super family-focused (read: everyone is married with kids) community is not appealing for me. Have you heard of any communities popping up for us 30-something single people that just want to hang out with people our own age and own something?”

In other words, where does Club Med meet the bungalow colony (not really, but we couldn’t resist)? It’s an idea we’ve had for years, since we were single and childless, and it’s an idea that our readers have heard us wax on about for a while now: reinvent the bungalow colony as a 21st century destination, with prefab cabins and a salt water pool, etc. It could appeal to people of a variety of ages and marital statuses. Heck, there could be singles weekends. We’re just waiting for someone to contact us with the capital — we’ve got all the details worked out.

In the meantime, anyone know of an existing colony that will satisfy our reader’s desires?

(P.S.: the above photo is from Rockaway, where there used to be bungalow colonies  galore.)

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Now Everybody Knows About Bungalow Colonies


After collecting information about bungalow colonies in upstate New York for 12 years (well, the first 10 included a failed attempt to visit one for sale and then a lot of daydreaming about them), we shared it with the world via this New York Times article. Part of the impetus for the piece was to encourage friends and relatives to join us in buying and refurbishing an old colony, or buying into one that’s humming along nicely already. We probably made both of those things a little harder by alerting several million real estate-hungry middle class New Yorkers to their existence.

The folks who started Buffalo Colony — they did exactly as we dreamed: bought one, made it co-op and convinced other families to join in — wrote in to share with us this piece they penned years ago in New York magazine about the experience. Good fodder for those of you who share our bungalow colony dream.

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Annual Roundup of Upstate NY Bungalow Colonies

Yes, we love bungalow colonies. It’s still our dream to buy one, modernize it and get all our friends to turn it into an affordable co-op getaway. In the meantime, we like to keep track of colonies that are still running. Many are co-ops, but some still have a single owner and a bevy of renters. If you know of more, please email us!

Lake Huntington Summer Community

Lake Huntington Summer Community

The obsession started when we first read about Lake Huntington Summer Community, one of the few upstate new york bungalow colonies that offers short-term rentals (we’re hoping to go this summer, but haven’t decided yet which one best suits us). 17+ acres, 50+ families, it promises “benign neglect” for parents wanting their children to go out the door and play — something city kids can’t do.

Many more colonies on the jump. Got some to add? Email us! Read the rest of this entry »

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The Decay of the Catskills


Photo from Flicky by Paul Lowry/used with permission via Creative Commons licensing

That’s the subject of a photo essay in the NY Times, in which 32-year-old photographer Marisa Scheinfeld revisited the resorts of her youth in the Catskills. But instead of bustling with the Borscht Belt goodness of her younger days, “Nature was reclaiming the spaces,” she says. “You would see an entire room filled with a carpet of moss. Then there was vandalism, people gutting the buildings for wiring and other metal, anything they could take. Then there were squatters and taggers. Then paintballers, who put their own marks on the places.”

She documents what she called “the new life” these buildings were taking on, creating what the Times calls “portraits of destruction as well as rebirth, now numbering almost 100 photographs.”

For us, admittedly obsessed with those aged and ailing resorts, the project encapsulates the sadness of this section of the world, and the new life we envision for it is not about moss-covered floors (although that could be cool); we’d prefer for a new generation of humans to take up residence there. So perhaps her project will pique the interest of those truly interested in reinvigorating the Catskills bungalow colonies and Hudson Valley resorts, instead of just lamenting what’s gone wrong.


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