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Meet Atlantic Custom Homes in Cold Spring, the Hudson Valley’s award winning Lindal Cedar Home Dealer.

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Designing and building a custom home or weekend retreat is one of life’s great accomplishments. It starts with the hunt for a beautiful piece of property that has the features you have always wanted – a view, lake or river front, or seclusion in the woods. We help you with that! There is much to learn about buying property, and we gladly share our expertise with our customers and enjoy walking the land with them. Once the site is known, we start the design process together, with the goal of creating a unique custom home that is ideally suited for you and the site. Unlike pre-fab and modular products, your design choices are limited only by your imagination and your budget. The costs are predictable and within your control.

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Where the Pool Is on the Inside

The builders take pride in the fact that the humidity of the expansive pool wing, drenched in natural light, does not leave perpetual condensation on the walls and ceiling. The bench came from the owner’s previous home in Amagansett. The identical oversized wave ‘paintings’ came from Ikea.

In this season’s Upstate House, you’ll find the tale of a couple who built their dream house, only the dreamiest part is not for living but for swimming. Their entire house, an eco-friendly modern post-and-beam in Putnam County, is centered around a 2,000-square-foot indoor pool. The living space ain’t bad either. And it’s not all luxurious: these wave paintings came from IKEA.

More of the winter issue of Upstate House here.

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Last Night’s Newburgh Candlelight House Tour

Newburgh Joie de Vivre: The Hungry March Band makes a stop at the historic Fullerton Mansion on Grand St., one of the many stops during Newburgh's 30th annual Candlelight House Tour to benefit the Newburgh Historical Society.

Newburgh Joie de Vivre: The Hungry March Band makes a stop at the historic Fullerton Mansion on Grand St., one of the many stops during Newburgh’s 30th annual Candlelight House Tour to benefit the Newburgh Historical Society.

This post is written by some of the organizers of last night’s tour. 

When it comes to celebrating the holiday season in Newburgh there’s a generational divide — those who remember ice skating at Downing Park and those who remember Eggbert.

But there’s one favorite holiday tradition everyone has shared.

Founded in 1845 and chartered in 1884 — the Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands is Newburgh’s oldest surviving community institution.  They’ve hosted a holiday program at the Crawford House since acquiring the property in 1953.

In 1983, Anne Coon took it to a new level, creating the Hudson Valley’s biggest architectural and preservation minded hospitality tour. Showcasing a different set of a dozen or more homes in the Historic District each year and bringing together more than 60 volunteers each year to make it happen.

Year after year the committee has to research homes and approach homeowners to ask if they’ll open their homes and restoration stories to the public. Bill Mocko has been brainstorming the tour route and approaching the owners for all 30 years so he knows the in and outs of almost every home in the district. Carla Decker is also longstanding and one way she helps is by approaching local supporters to fund the creation of a collectible booklet. Mary McTamaney, Pat Favata & Allynne Lange lend their expertise to researching and interpreting the history of the homes. Russell Lange and Tom Kneiser create the booklet and exhibits.  The 40+ decorators proudly call themselves the “Flower Ladies” and show up like clock work each year to create original flower displays.

The Mayor, Judy Kennedy, says: “

Mayor Kennedy:  “The Candlelight Tour is an opportunity for people to really see what’s here in the city and an asset to see how things can be restored and how volunteers can be a part of that!”

An addendum from the Upstater staff:

Brooklyn’s Hungry March Band made their way to the bluff overlooking the Hudson, and into the beautiful homes of some of Newburgh’s esteemed citizens. Yet again we were enveloped by the passionate community of Newburgh and wowed by the architecture. We’ve never seen a community rally more or try harder to get people to join them, and we really hope they’re successful. More on the Candlelight tour here.

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Celebrating Hudson Valley Beauty in Books

evite Hudson Opera House (2)

The Hudson Valley is lousy with authors — and we mean that in a good way. This Saturday, from 5 – 7 PM, five of them gather at the Hudson Opera House to share their books about the beauty, architecture, interior design and magnificent nature in our area.  

The books are:

·         Classic & Modern: Signature Styles by Alan Barlis and Dennis Wedlick 

·         Love Where You Live: At Home in the Country by Joan Osofsky and Abby Adams

·         Private Gardens of the Hudson Valley by Jane Garmey

Photos of and from the books after the jump, and more about the event over on Chronogram. Read the rest of this entry »

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