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won dharma center

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes thoughts of renewal both in nature and spiritually-speaking. So we’ve been thinking about retreats and “mindfulness tourism”, which we touched on briefly in a recent post. If you’re soul is hankering for some pampering, not in the traditional mani-pedi/massage/whirpool kind of way, but in deeper, more navel-gazing way, perhaps the Won Dharma Center’s Buddhist Spring Retreat will do the trick. For two-and-a-half days, attendees will participate in the Buddhist practices of meditation and mindfulness with a focus on resilience. Instructors include Ven. Chung Ohun Lee, Ph.D, and the center’s lay teacher, Laura Samuels, who will instruct Tai Chi. The retreat is scheduled for April 11-13, beginning on Friday evening and wrapping up Sunday afternoon, perfect for those who work M-F 9-5. The cost for a single room plus 6 meals is $300 ($240 for center members), or you can bunk with other participants for $180 ($144 for members). Cheapest option of all is the commuter option for $100, but that sort of takes away from the whole “retreat” aspect of it. All the info is here on the event page.

The Won Dharma Center also offers a weekly schedule of meditation, yoga, and dharma services. The feel of the center itself is minimalistic and simple, which we love, which leaves visitors open to focus on both the external natural beauty of their surroundings and the internal workings of their own minds. The center is located on State Route 23, Claverack, Columbia County (GMAP). Get the weekly schedule and upcoming events here on their website. Curious about what exactly Won Buddhism entails? Here’s the low-down.

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