Bovina Farmhouse + Shop, $185,000

1791 county highway 6 bovina ny

Here’s another reasonably priced twofer in Bovina Center: A cute Colonial farmhouse plus a 1,100 square foot shop with its own electricity and heat. Main house has a brick fireplace in the living room and a cool wood-burning cooktop in one of the kitchens. Yes, according to the listing, there are two kitchens (can you imagine how much easier holidays would be with two kitchens?). The shop could either remain a shop or, we suspect, turned into a guest cottage. Two shade tree plopped right in front of the main house gives you a semblance of privacy, but only seasonally. The property is located on County Road 6, which is the main drag through the hamlet. Take a gander at the GMAP Streetview. It gives a better idea of what the street-facing part of the main house looks like, which is pretty gosh-darn adorable, pardon our language.

1791 county highway 6 bovina ny2

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Beds: 4

Baths: 2

Square Feet: 2,800

Lot Size: .5 acre

Taxes: $5,415

1791 County Highway 6, Bovina (Exit Realty) GMAP

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By: kandyharris | 23 January 2014 09:30 AM | 5 Comments

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  1. David says:

    Do your homework–this property is already sold. A quick click on your link above and a phone call to the agent will tell you that.

  2. priscilla says:

    The people who work on this site are probably not making a fortune from it. They are sharing their love of this area with all of us. I’m sure that you found that this property was sold by clicking on a link. The time it took you to do that was infinitesimal compared to the hard work that goes into preparing these posts every day.
    There is no need to be snarky.

  3. David says:

    Priscilla–agreed. A very worthy site. But, by your logic, the time it would take Kandy to click on a link is infintesimal compared to the work it took to type up the actual post. And if you have “a love for the area” then spend that second to perform the most cursory of fact-checking.

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