Don’t Ditch the Vintage


One of our big pet peeves in home design is seeing a great old home over-renovated to the point losing all characteristics that made it interesting in the first place. We sort of take the design stance of “if it looks cool, it stays” barring, of course, major structural damage. So we dug this post in Reclaimed Home about the nifty vintage stuff you should keep despite the urge to scrap it all and start anew. And yes, amen on the exposed brick. What do you consider a keeper in your vintage home? While you think about it, feast your eyes on some brick wall eye candy:





digsdigs 2







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By: kandyharris | 10 January 2014 03:00 PM | 2 Comments

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  1. Deb says:

    Brick Walls and wood floors are the only good thing about this vintage renovation. The furniture while unappealing in even a modern motif, just is totally out fo character with this house. Give me a grass bed, some good leather quilted tacked furniture. Soft Solid Colored with accent pillows to pick up the brick and wood of the room.

  2. mollie says:

    I really dig the natural wood kitchen cabinets and paneling I see in a lot of country houses. If and when I find my own, I will not be painting over any of that warm, stained wood.

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