Five-Figure Friday: Cairo Barn + Storefront, $25,000

474 old rt 23 cairo ny

What would you do with a huge 19th century barn that comes with a tiny storefront? We’re not sure, either, but we certainly love the look of it. The property is located between Cairo and Windham in Greene County. The storefront is 512 square feet, and the barn is 2,688 square feet. There are no photos of the interior of the barn. The one interior shot available was taken in the storefront (we think), but we would love to poke around inside both. Lot size is just over an acre.

474 old rt 23 cairo ny2

474 old rt 23 cairo ny3

474 old rt 23 cairo ny4

474 old rt 23 cairo ny4

Beds: 0

Baths: 0

Square Feet: 3,000

Lot Size: 3.13 acres

474 County Road 20, Acra (Living Structures) GMAP

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By: kandyharris | 10 January 2014 01:18 PM | 5 Comments

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  1. Christine Frazita says:

    Can you tell me more about this property? Is there electric, septic or water? Any more photos? Thanks.

    • kandyharris says:

      Hi, Christine! Alas, we can only tell you what we found from the realtor’s website, and we used all the photos we could find. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a link to the realtor’s website. If you call them, tell them Upstater sent you!

  2. Yupstater says:

    I saw this 3 years ago! It was a contender…but being basicly a shell husband gave it the no go. needs structural work, no insulation, partial roof failure, and no running water. Having said all that there is a possibility to make this truly beautiful. ceilings and old joists were impressive…..gossiping w a neighbor I found out it used to be a church originally, then a gas station, and finally an antique store and storage, and there is still the remains of an old hand pump well in front yard next to what was a hitching post area for church goers. The store building seemed to be in fairly good shape and had electric service….But no water there either.

  3. Yupstater says:

    To be clear…despite the rebuild, 20k! For the price of a car…if you have the cash to buy it, put on a roof, and cover the missing windows, you could put water in the small building and camp out there while leisurely taking your time to restore the big building. A serious project, but a screaming good deal.

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