Upstate Exodus?

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Last week, we read an AP article about folks leaving upstate New York in droves, more than are moving there, the article states. “The trend has helped lead to New York losing four congressional seats in the last two Census counts and is about to cost the state some prestige,” it goes on to say, and that Florida is poised to beat out NY as the third most populous state in the nation. Of course, this is referring to true upstate New York, places like Buffalo and Rochester. The article even points out that the Hudson Valley and, vaguely, “some other areas” (could they mean the Catskills?) have sustained growth. So, what gives? High taxes? Lack of jobs? The article speculates both are at play in upstate New York’s population stagnation. What steps could NY take to lure people (particularly younger populations) back to upstate New York? Sound off in the comments.

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By: kandyharris | 7 January 2014 02:30 PM | 5 Comments

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  1. Claire Copley says:

    It seems a shame that the state offers no support to small farms, and new businesses (especially food related ). So many people try to make it here and fail for lack of support. Ny state used to be such an active farming center and wants to be again but the nature of the business has changed tremendously and that needs to be acknowledged and state assistance updated.

  2. Cher Vick says:

    The article nailed it on the head. It’s really about the jobs and the taxes. The cold weather doesn’t help much either.

  3. Abel Hernandez says:

    High property taxes and the lack of jobs result in the movement out of upstate. The weather is an issue but if good jobs were available and taxes were lower people would just layer up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    the taxes in NY are absurd!!
    I live in a rural area and get NOTHING for the 6 THOUSAND dollars in taxes I must pay to keep “my” property.
    I see No services at all!, no water, no gas hookup, no garbage pick-up, nothing!
    I can NO longer afford health insurance and have no pension
    and I work HARD as a carpenter to make ends meet and always have
    but I am FORCED to pay for “government servants” free perks
    THAT I DO NOT HAVE thus making me a SLAVE
    I love this country but it needs to get back on a CONSTITUTIONAL footing, we are a Republic not a Democracy where people can vote MY property away by stealing it if I do not come up with the property tax EXTORTION FEE.
    I pray that Cuomo does something about this, I am tired of STRUGGLING so some FAT teacher or lazy government employee can retire at 55 with a benefit package that would have made a king envious … THIS IS NOT A FREE STATE , IT IS A SLAVE STATE

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