Kutsher’s As Yoga Retreat

Photo by bg5000/Flickr

Photo by bg5000/Flickr

We’ve long hoped for revival for the former grand destinations of the Catskills. Many of those resorts are gone or in ruins, but Kutsher’s has hobbled along, helped in part by its temporary siting of the All Tomorrow’s Parties music fest, and with the chic restaurant in downtown Manhattan of the same name, in which a bowl of matzoh ball soup will cost many people more than an hour’s pay. It was, until recently, known as the last surviving Jewish resort in the Catskills.

Well, now it will do more than hobble. It may even thrive. The Times Herald-Record reports that Veria Lifestyle has purchased the property to create “a $90 million Nature Cure Lifestyle Management Center,” adding, “The healthy living resort will feature ‘yoga sciences,’ ‘ayurvedic medical treatment,’ ‘biodynamic restaurants,’ golf, tennis and ‘a wide range of health-driven activities.’”

Here’s the part we find a bit sad, even if Kutsher’s architecture is not the best example of the grand hotel era: “Veria’s management has said it hopes to start demolition very soon with the opening expected next spring.” So much for revival. It’s gonna be a tear-down folks. While we are very happy for economic development in the Catskills, we also dream of reinventing the resorts and bungalow colonies, not necessarily demolishing them to create something new, no matter how pure its offerings and intentions. Are we just too starry eyed and nostalgic, or is there a missed opportunity?

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    Definitely missed opportunity! Tragic really.

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