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Travel guide Weird USA calls the Pine Bush area in Orange County the “UFO capital of New York.” Images abound on the Internet of strange lights and mysterious black triangles appearing in the sky, not to mention reports of odd noises and bumps in the night. Author Whitley Strieber relayed his own close encounters in the book Communion, which took place while he was visiting his upstate New York getaway near Pine Bush. Communion was later turned into a movie in 1989 starring Christopher Walken, and that scene in which Strieber glimpses a mysterious alien peering at him from behind a cabinet still gives us the heebie-jeebs (watch at your own risk).

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With all this going on, it’s no wonder Pine Bush throws itself a UFO Fair every spring. This year, it’s taking place on Saturday, April 27th, and it starts off with a 5K Run/Walk. After that, Main Street in the hamlet of Pine Bush is transformed into a Foo-Fighter enthusiasts’ play ground (not the band Foo Fighters; that’s what UFOs were called back in The Day) with vendors, games, live musical performances, kids’ carnival, all culminating in a parade at 3pm. If you’re more interested in UFO history than festivities, there are even lectures at the Pine Bush Library in the afternoon. The documentary  In the Night Sky: I Recall a UFO, based on the book by Linda Zimmerman, will be screened at the Town of Crawford Government Center. Finally, when night falls (cue the Theremin), the Air Pirate Radio Show will be presenting their version of a “War of the Worlds” broadcast, which includes live audience participation.

Want to see the schedule of events for all of this out-of-this-world fun? Check out the event page for more information. Rumors of an appearance by Agents Mulder and Scully cannot be confirmed at this time.

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The Truth is Out There…in Pine Bush on April 27

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