Coming This August: Bagel Fest

Flickr/photo by Ezra Wolfe

Flickr/photo by Ezra Wolfe

This headline came through the transom: “Monticello plans hot time at big bagel bash.” How could we not click?

On August 17th, Bagel Festival, conceived by local businessman Jeff Siegel, will debut. This after Siegel already “got the two branches of state government, and the county, village and Town of Thompson to declare the village ‘The Bagel Capital.’”

“The all-day event will feature an enormous ‘tie-dyed’ peace sign bagel, a bagel parade, what hopes to be the world’s longest continuous bagel chain, bagel contests and a bagel triathalon.”

Other incentives: the bagel chain and peace bagel will be contenders for the Guinness Book of World Records, and a ticket-only event in a 5,000-square-foot tent with an open bar and snacks and comedians, um, “roasting” the bagel. Well, bagels can take it. They’re tough.

Ticket prices:  $150 for singles, $250 for couples, or $300 for sponsors (which includes two tickets).

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By: lisa | 27 March 2013 01:00 PM | 3 Comments

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  1. bryanx says:

    wait a minute. $150 for a Bagel Fest.
    I don’t understand, its a Bagel Fest, not a Donut Fest.
    I’d pay 150 for donuts.

  2. I’d pay $150 if the Hooter girls were in charge of the cream cheese applications.

  3. The $150 is for the “VIP Kick Off Event” on Fri. night, not the street fair Bagel Fest itself the next day.

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