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  1. kriserts says:

    this is so cute … can you tell me where you got the blue and gold flowered rug in the bedroom?

  2. Aaron says:

    Hello! My wife and I absolutely love what you’ve done. She’s a landscape architect who would love to help you with your questions in exchange for advice on how we follow in your footsteps upstate. We’re in Clinton Hill and would love to sit down over a beverage of your choice when you have time. aagolem@gmail.com

    • melissa says:

      Hi there! I’m the other half of this couple (with the landscape advice :) . GardenstoGro is great – though if you’re going to buy lumber at a nearby hardware store, you may be able to get all of your supplies there. Many sell larger corner brackets and the metal mesh you’ll need to put down at the bottom of your beds. When starting your meadow, keep it to all grasses the first few years, introduce flowers after your meadow is well established. When planting fruit trees, always plant more than 1 of each variety and try to plant flowers nearby that are pollinated by the same bees/birds/butterflies etc. Good luck!

      • Michelle says:

        Thanks Aaron + Melissa! Sounds like a neighborhood get together is in order. Will drop you an email and thank you the kind landscaping ideas.

  3. Really nice job of seeing the opportunities inherent in the house. That simple kitchen reinvention was a real knockout. I remember driving by this old farmhouse with a sagging porch and peeling paint in Bethel NY for years -with old lady long johns and britches always hanging low off of a clothes line strung from the front porch to a nearby tree – before realizing how perfect the house was – if you looked hard enough.

    • Michelle says:

      Too true. A dead mouse smell kept repelling me from the bungalow first couple times we saw it, so glad my husband made me get over it. That and your britches tale are good lessons to see/smell beyond the small stuff to discover the gems out there.

  4. aimee says:

    Hi there. My husband and I live in Fort Greene and also just purchased a house (this past October) in between Saugerties and Woodstock. We’ve been renovating with the help of Megan Oldenburger as well! Small world, we are most probably neighbors upstate and in the city!

  5. Kim says:

    We did our raised bed garden with a kit from Gardens to Grow http://www.gardenstogro.com/ They send you the brackets and the plan and the directions and you buy the wood to put it all together – their “just add lumber” kits. Truthfully, you don’t need the full kit, you can just get the brackets from them since the whole kits aren’t that inexpensive. The ones they show on the site are 20 inches tall, but they also have 12 inch brackets which work great.

    • Brooklynnina says:

      Kim, been meaning to ask you–and might as well do it here while we’re on the topic of raised beds–how did you decide what kind of irrigation system to use (i.e., drip vs. soaker hoses, etc.)? Was it difficult to install? (If you wanted to write a whole post on that, you know, I wouldn’t object or anything… ; )

      • Kim says:

        My subject for next week’s interview just told me she has to go to LI for Passover, so you’ve inspired me to do a garden prep post for this week!

  6. Moira says:

    I really enjoyed this feature. Please do more!

  7. Vimal Shah says:

    We found our home on this site as well (Napanoch), After purchasing the home last March, we have started some renovations while waiting for a bank loan. In the process, we have found a great contractor, architect, solar, geothermal systems, engineer and great neighbors. We live in Bed Stuy area of Brooklyn. At the moment, the house is completely gutted and waiting for an engineer’s report.

  8. cw says:

    I love it all! Wish there were an exterior pic, too. Also, where did the little hearth come from? It’s beautiful.

    • Michelle says:

      Wood burning stove came with the bungalow. Suspect its been there a long while. Not efficient, but we enjoy keeping doors open from time to time and purchased a screen from Target…someday would like to upgrade to something EPA certified.

  9. priscilla says:

    I agree that we need more of these stories. Your cottage is lovely.

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  11. susanb says:

    Love what you did – preserving some old while doing a huge update. It’s inspiration I’ll be sharing with my clients!

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